Xinhua County road Transport Management Bureau strengthened the snow and ice weather road inspection to ensure road safety

2022-04-23 0 By

(road traffic safety patrol site) (road traffic safety patrol site) (road traffic safety patrol site) on February 7th morning, xinhua meteorological offices and release of icy roads yellow warning information, in order to ensure the security of people travel, xinhua road transport management law enforcement personnel in a timely manner to do a good job of cold weather safety road patrol.In the morning, the xinhua County road transportation Administration passenger inspection brigade law enforcement officers have in-depth Ji Qing town, sit stone township, Wentang town and other township seat easy to ice sections of road patrol, prohibit the passage of passenger buses.At the same time, law enforcement officers also checked passenger vehicles driving qualifications and fire safety facilities, to avoid secondary disasters and safety accidents caused by snow and ice weather, nip in the dark.According to the staff, affected by the recent low temperature snow and ice weather, will further increase supervision and inspection efforts to ensure the safety of passenger transport;Urge passenger transport enterprises to strictly implement the ‘road exploration system’, strictly prohibit blind passage at risk, and take temporary suspension measures to the alpine mountains and the operating lines facing water and cliff and steep slope.It is understood that the county road transport administration has issued a notice, in addition to requiring the approval of the passage of passenger vehicles to correctly standardize the use of anti-skid chain, keep the car distance, slow down, frozen sections of the alpine mountains will be banned.Up to now, a total of more than 60 law enforcement personnel, law enforcement vehicles 7, the county 32 lines 236 vehicles to implement the suspension.”From today’s inspection situation, according to the requirements of the alpine mountain passenger vehicles have been suspended in place, passenger vehicle safety facilities are complete, to ensure the safety of passengers do foolproof.”Xinhua county road transport administration passenger inspection brigade captain Lu Jin said.(Gong Zhiwen, xinhua Media reporter) Editor: Zeng Zhenke