You have to add and subtract yogurt.

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Yogurt also want to do “addition and subtraction” high-end, healthy, functional dairy market will gradually become the main development direction of recently released “2021 China’s dairy industry to run large data and trend of market research report points out, high-end, healthy, functional dairy products will gradually become the main direction of market development.Yogurt is one of the most popular dairy products among consumers. With the influence of consumption upgrading, improved selection standards and serious homogenization of brands, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce.Many companies began to introduce different tastes and functions, and expensive yogurt products, trying to take the lead in the market.Yogurt products gradually show a high-end trend.According to the 2021 Yogurt Consumption Trend Report, yogurt, with 85 percent of the total, is second only to fresh milk, with 86 percent, among the dairy products consumers like to buy in 2021.It is worth noting that on the supply side, the number of online yogurt products in 2021 has far exceeded that of fresh milk and dairy drinks, and the consumption scale has increased by 90% in two years.With the continuous expansion of yogurt consumption scale, market competition is increasingly fierce.To get ahead of the game, many companies are adding nutrients, probiotics, grains and fruits to yogurt, or introducing concepts such as “zero sugar, zero additives and zero pollution” to attract consumers.And this behavior, no doubt by the favor of consumers.Under the joint action of consumer demand, enterprise competition and other factors, the high-end yogurt market trend is more significant.Song Liang, an independent dairy analyst, told the reporter that the high-end trend of yogurt is formed against the background of China’s improving economy, increasing consumption level and consumers’ pursuit of high-quality products.”In this context, the continuous improvement of the quality of Yogurt products in China provides conditions for its high-end development.””As early as 10 years ago, the trend of high-end yogurt has emerged, mainly around three aspects, the first is to use better raw milk to produce yogurt, improve protein content and quality;The second is to upgrade the packaging materials, making yogurt longer shelf life, more loose storage conditions;The third is to add a variety of bacteria or nutrients in yogurt, functionality has been significantly improved.Today, yogurt products have started to highlight the concept of ‘zero sugar, zero added’.”High equals high?Aside from ‘adding’ or ‘subtracting’ a few ingredients, the best sign of high-end yogurt may be its higher price.The reporter found that compared with the ordinary bag yogurt 3 yuan to 5 yuan, the price of high-end yogurt is obviously much higher, 10 yuan to 20 yuan of the price has been very common.High price seems to be synonymous with high-end yogurt.In this regard, Song Liang said that high-end yogurt products are accompanied by price increases.”In terms of production costs, the improvement in quality does make high-end yogurt more expensive than regular yogurt.In addition to higher requirements for milk sources, high-end yogurt may also be more advanced in production technology.”Besides cost, what’s more important about high-end yogurt?An industry insider told reporters that although the production cost of yogurt is not high, but marketing costs and channel costs and other link costs are not low.”Most brands will choose to invite celebrity endorsements and advertise, and these costs may be allocated to the pricing of yogurt, which is ultimately paid by consumers.”With the upgrading of consumption structure in first-tier and second-tier cities, consumer groups and structure will change, and yogurt consumption will shift from low-end to high-end.Third – and fourth-tier cities and some rural areas will accelerate the popularization of milk drinking habits, per capita yogurt consumption will increase significantly.In the view of Hou Junwei, general manager of Shanghai Ruinong Management Consulting Co., LTD., enterprises have arranged the high-end yogurt market in order to enhance brand value, adjust the product mix, and maintain the differentiated development of their products.”For companies, it’s about laying out ahead of time, who can take a good position and who can develop better in the future.”Hou Junwei told reporters.The emergence of high-end yogurt caters to the current consumer demand, but the high price is also an obvious problem.With the emergence of more and more high-end yogurt with the same concept in the market, product homogeneity will also affect the development of enterprises in the segmented field.Song liang believes, “Ordinary yogurt as a mass consumer goods, the future will still be the main body.For the high-end yogurt market, it is still personalized, functional and brand-oriented.In terms of the volume of the whole market, the growth of high-end yogurt market will obviously slow down, and the price will return to a reasonable position.”| this internship reporter BaoMengChuan statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of the information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: