Biathlon, dynamic and static switching

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Biathlon, originated in Scandinavia, is a sport that combines cross-country skiing and shooting and tests the athlete’s ability to switch between movement and movement.During the competition, the athletes step on skis, hold ski poles, carry special guns, slide along the marked piste, slide using free technology.Taxi a distance for a shot, shot into the horizontal and vertical, if the shot missed the target will be penalized time or number of penalty laps.After reaching the finish line, the one with the shortest time wins.Athlete’s equipment includes ski suit, ski cap, ski gloves, ski goggles, ski shoes and shooting guns.Biathlon is divided into men’s and women’s short distance, individual, pursuit, team start, relay and mixed relay.In short distance competition, athletes start at intervals of 30 seconds or 1 minute and shoot 2 rounds (5 bullets each time) in the sequence of horizontal and vertical firing.For each miss, athletes add a lap on the 150-meter penalty course.In the individual competition, athletes start at intervals of 30 seconds or 1 minute. They shoot 4 rounds in the skate. For each miss, the athletes will be penalized 1 minute in the final skate time.In the pursuit race, the starting order of the athletes is determined by the result of the short distance race.There will be 4 rounds of shooting in the competition, with a penalty of one round for each miss.For a group start, 30 places are available for athletes who have won MEDALS in the short distance, individual and pursuit events. Other places are available for athletes who are ranked first in the short distance events.The athletes start at the same time and each miss will be penalized one lap.Relay race, men’s and women’s competitions are 4 persons, each group start the first leg at the same time.After the athletes finish their own race tasks, in the relay area contact with the next team member to finish the relay, the next athlete starts.Mixed relay, 2 men and 2 women in teams.Two women skate 6km each and two men 7.5km each.The starting order is: women, women, men, men.The format is the same as the relay race.Biathlon will consist of 11 events: men’s 10km short distance, 20km individual, 12.5km chase, 15km collective start and 4× 7.5km relay.Women’s 7.5km short distance, 15km individual, 10km chase, 12.5km collective start, 4× 6km relay;Mixed event 4 x 6 km mixed relay.People’s Daily (February 12, 2022, 06 edition)