Chengdu High-tech Zone: an industrial investment fund of no less than 60 billion yuan will be established

2022-04-24 0 By

On February 8, Chengdu High-tech Zone held a conference to optimize the business environment and released the plan for establishing industrial funds.Media understand that the meeting pointed out that Chengdu High-tech Zone will accelerate the establishment of industrial funds, arrange investment of not less than 18 billion yuan, guide the participation of social capital, set up not less than 60 billion yuan of industrial investment funds, 40% of which will be invested in electronic information industry, 20% in biological medicine industry, 20% in new economy industry.20 percent will go to other industries, including modern services and future industries, with a particular focus on core technology and advanced manufacturing projects.Including network information security, XR extended reality, digital cultural and creative, consumer electronics, energy conservation and environmental protection, human resources services and other segments.At the same time, it will also invest 1.5 billion yuan in the first phase to set up angel mother funds, invite early-stage investment institutions and venture capital institutions to jointly set up angel sub-funds, forming an angel investment fund group of more than 3 billion yuan, focusing on supporting excellent early-stage scientific and technological enterprises and supporting scientists and entrepreneurs to commercialize and industrialize scientific and technological innovation achievements.It is reported that in order to further attract well-known investment institutions, chengdu High-tech Zone will also increase incentives for partners, and up to 80% of the profits can be transferred to cooperative fund management institutions and other investors.Angel mother fund to the sub-fund management institutions or other investors to implement the overall “first return the capital and then share the profits”, the project “immediately withdraw immediately share” way.