It’s the kids again!Four people set off firecrackers and burned the car

2022-04-24 0 By

Recently,Congratulation state a vehicle fire front in guangxi were badly burned but caused no casualties accident of preliminary determination by the fire department to set off fireworks and firecrackers is a child trigger monitor shows four children in the day to the river will set off firecrackers lit firecrackers toward car hood soon the car smoke fire child before then buckets to draw water from the river is trying to put the fire out but the fire is more and more large and then fire rescuePersonnel arrived in time to put out the fire aasao prompt Spring Festival and winter vacation children alone playing with fire and setting off fireworks dangers greatly increase the relevant safety education can not be lax parents must pay attention to 01 let children realize the danger of playing with fire, do not play with fire at any time.02 Keep children away from fire, matches, lighters and other places where children can not get, do not let children open the gas stove at home.03 Stop children’s “fire behavior” in time, do not let children play with fire or set off fireworks in indoor, combustible and other places.Hezhou Fire Department in Guangxi Province