Party members at your side | highly skilled working car “120” doctor

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—- monitor Peng Guoxiong is no. 1 Line Majiyan vehicle between the work of the monitor, he is serious, always serious and serious work, as the “leader” of the team, Peng Guoxiong with practical action interpretation of a member of the Communist Party of China and the leader of the model role.Under his leadership, Majiyan working class has become the track Group working car talent training base, working car emergency rescue “120” center, his spirit of hard work infected every employee of the working class, especially for the work of Peng Guoxiong, eye diligent, leg diligent, see there is work on the initiative to do.In 2018, Peng guoxiong was rated as the Group’s advanced safety due to his diligence, and in 2019 and 2020, he was rated as the Outstanding Employee for two consecutive years.In February 2018, the Majiyan Internal combustion Engine working class and the working truck working class of Metro Line 1 were merged into the Working truck working class of Majiyan Vehicle Workshop of Metro Line 1. The new working truck working class needs to assume all the responsibilities of the original two working classes, and the pressure and challenge are huge.As a member of the Communist Party of Peng Guoxiong is not afraid of difficulties to take the initiative to apply from the workshop technical management post back to work class, as the newly established line 1 Majiyan vehicle workshop work class monitor.Work Turner class is faced with new management equipment, training task more difficult problem, is busy and demanding, in the face of the tough “crack”, guo-xiong peng grasped the nettle and taken all the work tasks, in order to shift work smoothly as soon as possible, he work overtime finishing workshop rules and regulations, formulate the training schedule of form a complete set,When he was supposed to be off duty, he often used the rest time to get familiar with the equipment in the workshop, and made various maintenance instruments. In Peng guoxiong’s opinion, only when the foundation is firmly laid, the follow-up work can be carried out better.In the face of “roadblock”, he firmly believes that the way is always more than difficult in the eyes of Peng Guoxiong encountered difficulties on a word: “dry”.The driver of the original internal combustion engine in the newly formed working car working class is not familiar with the driving of various types of working car and lacks experience in driving on the main line. He solves the problem through the combination of old and new, skill combination, reasonable grouping, cross scheduling, post changing training and mutual help and learning.Rail grinding car A22, maintenance manuals in English is given priority to, the use of arcane, with electro-hydraulic control is given priority to, combined with the car parts, line like a spider web, if you want to maintain good rail grinding car needs not only solid electrical knowledge, fitter, rolling stock structure, such as knowledge, also need knowledge of hydraulic transmission, therefore, guo-xiong peng took part in the mechanical and electrical integration of undergraduate study,He made up for his basic knowledge of English, machinery, electricity and automation, and led his staff to remember the position of a part and the direction of a pipeline every day, and then slowly explored and understood its working principle to simplify the complexity in the face of the cobweb of wires and hydraulic pipelines.Under the leadership of his efforts, the staff of the whole shift are familiar with the basic structural principles, inspection and maintenance requirements and emergency handling methods of rail grinding cars and other work cars.He charged in the front, never said hard tired Peng Guoxiong almost no “idle down” time.In February 2018 at 2 am in the car trunk line operation, a job working car A21 in trunk line suddenly appeared the fault, this can be anxious that bad driving personnel on duty, after treatment failed many times or give guo-xiong peng dial the telephone, he is still sleeping immediately enter the working state, the phone patient asked the fault reason, step by step guide on duty pilot troubleshooting,Under his guidance, the working car A21 was quickly restored to work.Through this incident, let Peng Guoxiong think of many young people in the work class, work experience is relatively lacking, so he initiated the idea of opening the work car emergency rescue “120” special line.Peng Guoxiong is an action party, soon after the idea of action, after every day he will be on duty at 22:30 to send safe driving reminder text messages, requirements in the process of operation encountered problems can call for help at any time, after the completion of the operation must do “something to report, nothing to report safe”.Since the opening of the hotline, Peng Guoxiong has directed and handled more than 60 faults of work vehicles through wechat or telephone, and provided technical support across workshops and teams for many times.Through how many times how many times the trench, climb over the frame, flow many sweat, through many a night, to give up how much a day of rest, guo-xiong peng has already can’t remember, exquisite technology make the shift of each staff heartfelt admire guo-xiong peng, a to the scene of the homework he would be taken by the staff, the questions about the job you always ask, he also patiently answer one by one,There are also seminars held in workshops from time to time.Tolstoy said that a person without enthusiasm, he can do nothing, and enthusiasm is the basis of responsibility.Chongqing rail transit can maintain a strong development power for a long time, which is inseparable from the unremitting efforts and responsibilities of many excellent grass-roots staff.Peng Guoxiong, is such a rigorous work, dare to break and dare to work, he is highly skilled work car “120” doctor, he is everyone’s technical leader, a good monitor, but also a conscientious silent dedication of the ordinary screw representative.Text: Wang Yijia zha Xiaohong Photo: He Jian Editor: Fan Run Proofread: Zhang Libo review: Hu Yingxi