Police in Xi ‘an have searched for more than 20 hours for a mobile phone lost by a college student returning home for the Chinese New Year

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“Hometown police, thank you so much!”.Liu, a college student returning home for the Spring Festival, thanked the police after receiving his accidentally lost mobile phone from xi ‘an Public Security Lintong Branch Lishan Police Station.On January 31 (New Year’s Eve), liu went to college and returned home.As soon as I got home, AFTER chatting with my parents who had been expecting me for a long time, I found that my mobile phone was missing.In and out of the home to find several times, the phone has been prompted to turn off.At around 2 am on February 1 (the first day of the Lunar New Year), Liu was lying in bed tossing and turning, unable to sleep because he lost his mobile phone. After careful recollection, he remembered that he had scanned the code to pay for the taxi fare on his way home. Could he have left his mobile phone in the taxi when he picked up his luggage?Thinking of this, she used her parents’ mobile phone to call lishan Police Station of The Lintong Branch of the Public Security Bureau to ask the police for help.After receiving liu’s request for help, the police asked him in detail about the time he took the taxi and the place where he got on and off, and began to look for it.After a while, Liu called the police and told them that he found the last time his mobile phone appeared near the residential area of Lintong Petroleum Life City through the security inquiry function of his mobile phone.Oil Life city is a large residential community in Lintong, where looking for a mobile phone is like looking for a needle in a haystack.In order to find clues as soon as possible, lishan Police station all police mobilization, all on duty on New Year’s Eve police cadres rushed to the neighborhood.By querying the video surveillance of the entrance and exit of the community, we finally narrowed down the scope to several taxis that had parked in front of the community, and then contacted and inquired one by one.Among them, a taxi driver recalled that he once sent a man who had taken a ride through the online taxi-hailing software to the Oil Life City from Jiangzhai Road in Lintong District, but the phone numbers he contacted were all virtual numbers randomly assigned by the platform.After learning this clue, the police immediately contacted the customer service of the online taxi-hailing platform and obtained the contact information of the passenger after providing relevant documents and certification materials to the customer service.After the call was made, the passenger told police that he had been drinking a little too much, and found his phone on the bus, mistaking it for his own and putting it in his pocket.After the police some publicity, February 1 at 19 PM, the passenger entrusted a friend to send the mobile phone to the Lishan Police station.After getting the phone, the police immediately returned the phone to Liu.More than 20 hours have passed since Liu called the police for help.Editor: Fan Jing, Zheng Libo