Sure!Xuzhou “sprint” jiangsu second deputy provincial city, suzhou “lose” where?

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Foreword Time flies, time suddenly comes to 2022.The capital of Jiangsu province is Nanjing, but do you know which city is the sub-central city of Jiangsu Province?I believe that many people are confused. What is the sub-central city of a province?In fact, in a province of China, the city whose development in all aspects is the second best in the province and can drive the economic development of the surrounding cities is called the sub-central city of the province.Hear here, you are not about to say: “I know, jiangsu province sub-central city is Suzhou!”Indeed, suzhou has a beautiful environment and many nationally famous scenic spots, which, in theory, should be a strong economic strength.However, judging from the development situation in recent years, Xuzhou, which is much lower than Suzhou, is more likely to win the sub-central city of Jiangsu Province.What’s going on here?Let’s take a look!As early as many years ago, Suzhou, as the most powerful city in jiangsu province besides Nanjing, has been striving to become the sub-central city of Jiangsu province.But who also did not expect that Xuzhou became jiangsu province sub-center of the city beyond all expectations, become the sub-center city competition in a “dark horse”.Why did Xuzhou succeed?The first reason is that the location of Suzhou is not very good.In fact, to become a sub-central city of a province, it is not simply based on the economic strength of the city, but to consider all aspects of factors.Let’s first look at the geographical location of Suzhou city, suzhou city just in the Yangtze River Delta, the distance with Nanjing city is more than 200 kilometers.Shanghai is next to Suzhou, so it is not surprising that Suzhou has been preempted by Xuzhou to become the deputy central city of Jiangsu Province.The second reason is that the main role of a provincial sub-central city of a city is to drive the development of all aspects of the surrounding cities.As we mentioned above, Suzhou is located in the Yangtze River Delta region, where the cities are developing well and have strong strength in all aspects.Because this geographical location is very conducive to economic development, so several cities around Suzhou do not need to drive through Suzhou.Therefore, Suzhou is at a disadvantage in the competition for the central city of Yufu in Jiangsu Province.The third reason is that Suzhou is not representative of the Yangtze River Delta or jiangnan region.If Xuzhou becomes the sub-central city of Jiangsu province, it can not only drive the development of other cities in Jiangsu province, but also the development of surrounding cities, which is an advantage that Suzhou city does not have.In a word, suzhou is in a disadvantageous position in the competition of sub-center city of Jiangsu province due to its geographical location between Shanghai and Nanjing, which can also explain why Xuzhou can become a “dark horse” in this competition.No matter from the perspective of urban development resources, or economic strength, Suzhou can be regarded as the strongest in Jiangsu Province, except Nanjing.Because suzhou is located between many big cities, the transportation is very convenient, either by rail or by land.From so many aspects, Suzhou is temporarily much stronger than Xuzhou.But now, Xuzhou has become the sub-central city of Jiangsu province. In the future, it is possible to find the right development direction for itself and surpass Suzhou.As we all know, suzhou does not have an airport because it is very close to Shanghai, and Shanghai has several airports.If Suzhou city is really the sub-central city of Jiangsu province, the benefits are far more than this.From the development of Jiangsu province in recent years, belongs to a “anticlimactic” state of development.Although the current economic development of Xuzhou is not very good, after xuzhou is officially recognized as the sub-center of Jiangsu province, the development mode of Xuzhou may be adjusted accordingly.Summary xiaobian think, since Jiangsu decided to let Xuzhou as its sub-center, naturally there are his reasons, xiaobian also believe that Jiangsu will develop better and better!Any thoughts on this?Do you know which is the sub-center of your province?Today’s hot topic: Sure!Xuzhou “sprint” jiangsu second deputy provincial city, suzhou “lose” where