Rural feasts become “cold feasts”?People, manners are not enough, the table is not enough?3 point stamp in the internal cause

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Text: From ancient times to the present, people in Linlin attach great importance to the custom of marriage and funeral. No matter the wedding or funeral, family will hold a banquet and invite relatives and friends to have dinner together.Especially in rural areas, if a family wants to do something, word spreads quickly in the village and even neighbors come to help.In rural areas, they will hardly go to a hotel, and most of them will choose to hire an assistant. Every family in rural areas has a yard, which is enough to set several tables for relatives, friends and neighbors, so asking for an assistant is a cost-effective choice.To say, if it is to participate in the rural wedding banquet, will feel very lively!Entertain in the countryside, the scene is very lively, although the spot may not have hotel so go up class, also do not have stage and so on, but what the countryside handles affairs notices is lively, want to be able to take care of guests only went, do not notice what too big array battle.When a family in the countryside holds a banquet, almost all the villagers will come to the banquet, and even some neighbors will come to ask for help a few days in advance. Therefore, the banquet in the countryside has gradually become an opportunity to strengthen the friendship between the neighbors, which is much more lively than the atmosphere of directly going to the hotel for dinner and leaving after dinner.But have you noticed?Once very lively rural banquet, seems now isn’t that interesting, even some people say that rural wedding breakfast also turned out to be “cold”, come to have fewer people, even if people were to eat a few mouth went away, and even some direct don’t come, please take the part “the ritual”, never before rural wedding lively feeling.First, nowadays, with the rapid development of rural economy, many rural families have accumulated small money, and many families who host banquets like to compare and show off their wealth at banquets.Especially in many rural areas, this phenomenon is very obvious.For this reason, many people do not want to go to the banquet, eat a meal but also by a stomach gas back, the heart is uncomfortable.Second, banquet became a way to accumulate wealth once upon a time if someone home banquet, in fact, will not pay too much attention to the money, but now is not the same, the relationship is close to the point or the point of alienation, the money is not the same, less is also easy to be looked down on by the host, will be used to compare each other how much money.Also, many people now frequently entertain relatives and friends to receive money.Therefore, no matter in the hotel banquet, or in the countryside banquet, many people do not want to attend, but also can save a sum of money.Third, too busy, no time for someone to say, now rural banquets are so lively, even people can not come.In fact, it is not that people do not want to come, but many people are busy with their work and life, and do not have time for such a dinner party, often there is a member of the family as a representative.In particular, now many people from rural areas have gone to the city to work, and some have settled down in the city. For this reason, if the rural neighbors held a banquet before, they could not come back, so they had to invite people to bring members.People have more money in their pockets now, and many rural feasts are held in a more elegant and larger way than before.But even so, rural banquets are not as lively as they used to be, and have gradually become a place for many people to show off and accumulate wealth.So, do you feel that way?This article is originally produced by Jufu Finance. Please do not reprint it without permission.