Spring Festival I am on duty | Tongguan Traffic police Spring Festival road traffic inspection

2022-04-25 0 By

On the afternoon of February 4, 2022, year 4, in the Spring Festival reunion festival, in the presence of dinner party activity increased during the festival, tongguan Tong los police squadron police instruction in inspections in tuen mun area fish, accurate to combat the illegal behaviour of drunk driving, dispel part attempts to drunk drivers have fluky psychology,And driving without a license, electric vehicles, motorcycles do not wear helmets, tricycle illegal manned, van overcrowding and other illegal acts, for minor violations, or uphold the main remind education, remind passing vehicles, legal driving during the Spring Festival, safe driving.The Spring Festival is a festival for family reunion in Our country. Please pay attention to the safety of driving on the road. Do not touch the road illegally, drive safely and get home safely.