Step on sauerkraut and then come “saliva broad bean”?Law enforcement said it was disgusting

2022-04-25 0 By

The shadow of the foot on pickled cabbage has not passed, now comes the mouth to peel broad beans.Small workshop food again violent thunder!Recently, in Yunshan village, Kunming, Yunnan province, aunts peeled “saliva broad beans” with their mouths, causing a heated discussion on the Internet.According to a law enforcement staff to shoot video, agricultural and sideline products and workshop workers should use mouth skinning horsebean field has stripped fava beans, also can see the trace of suspected teeth after the field investigation, the workers is calculate by shell weighed the wages, in order to more income so use mouth to shell law enforcement officials lambasting nausea,All workers and those in charge of the site are unable to produce health certificates.The site contacted the owner of the processing workshop, the staff asked about the situation and even argued that “the business is too good to be envied by peers”, not only did not realize the mistake, but also claimed that she had mastered the other several are also doing the same (using the mouth to peel beans), the supervision bureau responded, welcome the report.A total of 198.4 kilograms of beans were seized by law enforcement officers, who destroyed the beans on the spot to prevent them from entering the market.At the same time to the boss criticism education, ask its written guarantee, put an end to saliva broad beans.This round of “saliva broad bean”, let a lot of foodie world collapsed again really as the inspector said “too disgusting”!Source: Wechat official account of China News Service