When will the epidemic be lifted in Hangzhou in 2022?When will it be back to normal?Attached is the latest news of unsealing

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A few days before the Lunar New Year holiday, Hangzhou reported several locally confirmed cases and put some areas under lockdown.With the improvement of the local epidemic situation in Hangzhou, local residents have been concerned about the lifting of the lockdown zone.When will the epidemic in Hangzhou be lifted in 2022?When will it return to normal?The latest news is as follows: 1. When will the epidemic in Hangzhou be lifted in 2022?It is expected that the local epidemic in Hangzhou will be fully unsealed around February 20, 2022, but the details still need to see the official notice.However, it is worth noting that in recent days, containment and control have been lifted in xiaoshan district and part of Xihu District of Hangzhou, but 13 medium-risk areas in Binjiang district and Fuyang District have not been downgraded to low risk, and there may still be some risk of epidemic transmission.However, since February 4, no confirmed cases have been found in the quarantine sites in Hangzhou. We believe that good news will be released one after another in the future, and we hope that the good news will be fully released during the Lantern Festival (the 15th day of the first lunar month).1. The latest news of hangzhou Fuyang District’s unsealing is that the “three districts” control of Runze Yuan Community in Fuchun Street has been lifted since 2pm on February 10th.Second, from 23:00 on February 10th, building 14, 16 and 18 of Yingchun Road, Fuchun Street Road, “Zone 3” control was lifted;Third, since 23:00 on February 10th, the “three districts” control of Qingfeng Wanheyuan community in Fuchun Street has been lifted;Fourth, from 2 o ‘clock on February 11, the “three districts” control of Xiande Administrative Village in Dongqiao Town was lifted;2.2022 hangzhou lake the unlock the latest news on February 10th 00:00, garden lake the golden harvest, zheshang wealth center building 4 and 6 stores remove all related controls, and the six stores were zheshang wealth center Lawson convenience store near, very convenient supermarket, bakery to Sally honey son, old uncle shop, old street noodle, wan tong road coconut hainan coconut chicken shop.After unsealing and control, adjust to normal management.Since 10:00 on February 11, 2022, xiangchun Natural Village block of Huangshan Village, Wenyan Street, Xiaoshan District has been lifted from lockdown control and control. After the lockdown and control are lifted, the above areas have been transferred to normal management.Ii. When will the epidemic return to normal in Hangzhou in 2022?The current local epidemic situation in Hangzhou is expected to return to normal in late February, because according to the current epidemic situation, xihu District and Xiaoshan District have lifted the management of the three districts, and life order has also been restored. People may only need to check their health code and travel code to enter and exit the city.However, there are 9 areas in Binjiang District and 2 areas in Fuyang District of Hangzhou, which are still medium-risk areas and have not returned to normal for the time being.However, it is believed that the lockdown will be lifted one after another in mid to late February, ushering in the good news that the lockdown will be fully lifted, and life will return to normal.Hangzhou unseal related conditions?1. Condition 1 of Hangzhou unsealing: All close contacts and high-risk groups in the region are effectively controlled;2. Condition 2: the last close contact has been exposed for more than 14 days since the last exposure, and the nucleic acid test is negative;3. Condition 3 of Hangzhou unsealing: All personnel have negative nucleic acid test results for two consecutive times before unsealing.Generally speaking, the epidemic in Hangzhou 2022 is expected to be fully unsealed around February 20, and life will return to normal around this time. However, those who have been unsealed have already returned to normal.