At the wedding, 23 of my family members stood on the platform together. My husband said he was a little scared

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When xiao Jiu found me, he said, fat fish read your story for a long time, and today I want to tell you my story.The following is xiao Jiu’s story, I sorted out.February 6, 012022, my wedding day.When the host said the bride’s family was invited to the stage for a photo, all 23 of my family members took the stage together.Among them were my dear mother dean, my aunt, the nurse who took care of me growing up, my older siblings who grew up with me, my two little brothers who wobbled, and a little sister who was in a wheelchair.Everyone was laughing so happily.The audience broke into thunderous applause.And I’m kind of dumb.They married me off two hours ago, and I didn’t think they’d come.I didn’t expect it to be so crowded.Husband Liang Yu know I think, holding my hand, ask, happy?I shed tears while nodding, the heart is sweet and warm.Yeah, my family. It’s a little big, a little different.Because they’re from welfare.And I used to be a member of welfare. That’s my home.02 I came to the welfare home when I was 5 years old.It is said that my mother died of an illness when I was more than three years old.Later, my father took me into the city to support me.He rented a small house in the village and made it our home.And I went to kindergarten.Just did not think, that autumn morning, my father on the way to help people deliver goods, there will be a traffic accident.Dad was gone.It was my birthday. When my father dropped me off at the kindergarten in the morning, he said that he would buy a birthday cake for me in the evening.Instead, I got news of his death.When my uncle took me from kindergarten to the funeral home, that day became a permanent pain in my life.My uncle took care of my father’s affairs, and I became his problem.My mother was an orphan, and it was only when she met my father that she got a little warmth, but her life was too hard.On my dad’s side, I had an uncle and an aunt, and my uncle had three children and my aunt had two children.None of them wanted to keep me, so they finally talked about putting me in a welfare home.And I was also in the welfare home that day, suddenly grew up.When I first came to the welfare home, I was not used to the life there. Every night, I would have nightmares. Aunt Chen and Aunt Liu, the nurses, would pay special attention to me during their shifts.When I have bad dreams, they will gently hold me in their arms and gently comfort me.I remember my first birthday in the welfare home. Aunt Chen prepared longevity noodles for me and the director prepared a birthday cake for me.But WHEN I saw the cake, I suddenly remembered my dead father and cried.When I calmed down, the dean knew that it was also the anniversary of my father’s death. She asked me to cut the cake and save a piece for my father, so that I could silently honor my father in my heart.Every year after that, on my birthday, the dean would ask me to tell dad what I wanted when I made a wish.For example, I got the second place in the midterm exam, for example, I miss my father, for example, I am in the third grade…Not long after I entered the welfare home, some people wanted to adopt me, but later they thought I was a little old and had memories, so they gave up.After overhearing the couple’s conversation with the director, I realized that maybe my home was a welfare home.At that time, because of the experience, I was more precocious, very good at reading people’s faces.Later, when the adoptees came to the orphanage, I automatically stood back.Seeing my younger brothers and sisters adopted and able to leave the welfare home, I felt happy for them, but also a little envious.The welfare home also has a sister two years older than me, and a brother three years older than me. The three of us are healthy. They were all sent here because of family accidents.When I was in primary school, I went to school with them.The older siblings were doing well academically and their goal was to get into college and get out of the institution.Watching them work so hard, I study so hard, too.Since entering the welfare home, my uncle only came to see me twice, but never again.My aunt never came.They’re my family, but they’re not as dear to me as these boys in welfare.At least, when I have a high fever, my brothers and sisters and the nurses will care about me.Maybe because of hard work, MY grades have been good, and I went to college smoothly.I was the third child from the orphanage to go to college.The first two are brother and sister.My brother was admitted to a university in Shanghai, my sister went to a university in Wuhan, and I went to a university in Hangzhou.The three of us are not family, but more like family.Every summer and winter vacation, I would go back to the welfare home and help the director take care of my younger brothers and sisters.When I was in college, three of my roommates soon had boyfriends.As for me, I have been pursued, but I have refused.At that time, I actually had low self-esteem.I admired the weekly phone calls my roommates made to their families, listening to their parents caring for them on the phone.Yes, a child with a mother is a treasure.I in Wuhan university sister, said my envy, she said, she is.That must be the pain of orphans like us.By the time I graduated from college, my sister, who I grew up with, was already working in Guangzhou.I didn’t know where to go, so I went to her.My job is stable, my love is here.The boy who was chasing me was Zhou Xu, my college classmate.After graduation, he and I also came to Guangzhou, so we got in touch with each other.At that time, I was a little yearning and a little afraid of love.I told my sister that I was afraid, after all, those experiences in childhood, is my life will not erase the brand.My sister encouraged me and said, “What are you afraid of?Parents’ fate is theirs, we will have our own life, will be very happy.Our parents must want us to be happy, too.So be brave and love.At that time the elder sister and the future brother-in-law of love, there are plans to get married.My sister’s words gave me great comfort. In addition, I read a lot of psychology books in college, which actually healed part of me, so I accepted Zhou Xu.But I didn’t tell him about my upbringing.Because it’s my pain.I didn’t tell Zhou Xu until he proposed to me two years later.He was a little incredulous at that time, more or distressed me.To get married, you must meet your parents.I can make up my own mind, but Zhou Xu’s mother has changed her face since she knew I grew up in a welfare home.At that time, sensitive I knew that I and Zhou Xu’s love is probably doomed.I was right.The next day we met, while Zhou Xu was out, Zhou’s mother said to me, let me break up with his son, she and Zhou Xu’s father would not agree to their son to marry an orphan.That will be very hard for Zhou Xu.I hope I understand their heart as parents.I didn’t say anything. I packed my bags and left.Shortly after I left, Zhou Xu called me. I didn’t want to answer the phone.Yes, from Zhou xu’s mother’s point of view, they are not wrong.As a parent, who doesn’t want their children to have a better life?The key is Zhou Xu.The day after I returned to Guangzhou, Zhou Xu also came back.He came to me, I don’t want him embarrassed, or take the initiative to break up.Zhou Xu did not agree, I said you can handle your parents?He did not speak.I know he’s a handful.Unlike me, Zhou Xu’s parents have a child on him, and he grew up spoiled by his parents.These kids are happy, but sometimes they can’t handle things.I understand.Her sister was married by then, and she and her brother-in-law returned to his hometown in Jiangxi province and settled in Nanchang.When I was sad, I called my sister and asked her what attitude her brother-in-law’s parents had when they knew her background.Her sister said that her in-laws were very kind. When her mother-in-law saw her for the first time, she took her hand and said that she had suffered and that they would treat her as their own daughter.Sister is also very sensitive, from the mother-in-law’s attitude and words and deeds, she knows that the other party is sincere, so smooth marriage.My sister asked me if I had met any difficulties, and I told her about zhou Xu and me.’It all depends on Zhou Xu,’ she said.What do I not understand?Zhou Xu is my first love, I value, naturally do not want to separate with him.I wanted to give him and me some time, I didn’t want to push him, I didn’t want to put him on the spot.During that time, I had very little contact with him, and he had very little contact with me.Unexpectedly, three months later, I accidentally found out in his moments that he had a new girlfriend.At that moment, my world was shattered.I would have thought zhou Xu would have at least tried to fight, but he didn’t.At that time, MY work was not going well. I had no friends and felt very depressed in such a huge city as Guangzhou.I’m gonna go back and get some rest.I told the dean about my decision, and she supported my return, saying that my brothers and sisters in the hospital missed me.I’ll be back in time to help them with their studies.So I quit my job and went back to the city I knew.At that time, my brother who was working in Shanghai also went back on vacation. We talked a lot together.My brother said that if I didn’t want to go back to Guangzhou, I could go back to Shanghai with him and find a job.While I was hesitating, the dean told me that a primary school in the city was looking for a teacher and maybe I could have a try.Finally, I tried, and the written interview went well.I plan to stay, for one thing, the dean’s mother is getting older, and some of the nurses have quit, and some are getting older.I work during the week, and I help out at the orphanage on weekends.Second, I also have nowhere to go, the teacher this job, is also I like.I didn’t realize that life closed a door and opened a window for me.Because I know Liang Yu.During that time, I would go back to the welfare home every weekend. I don’t remember from which day, Liang Yu would take a day off every weekend to work as a volunteer, mostly on Saturday.He doesn’t say much, but he is very patient with the children.Will accompany light rain brother building blocks, will give Yu Tong sister to read picture books, he gentle sunshine, the children like him.Naturally, I also paid more attention to Liang Yu a few minutes.07 That Saturday, it was raining, yutong suddenly called stomach pain.I’m trying to calm her down, see if I should take her to the hospital.At this time, Liang Yu came, a look at the situation of yu Tong, he said he drove to, we hurriedly take Yu Tong to the hospital to see.Looking at yutong’s head are sweating, small face pale pale, I also have a little panic.With the consent of the director, Liang Yu drove us to the hospital.Yu Tong suffering from acute appendicitis, need immediate surgery.’Said the doctor, a little crossly.’ How are you the head of the family?What’s the matter with a child like this?Liang Yu and I looked at each other. We were both a little embarrassed.In the evening after the operation, yu Tong rest in the ward, can only leave a person to accompany.I asked Liang Yu to go back first because I heard his cell phone ring several times.I didn’t think he would come the next day, but he came early and said he was replacing me.I said, the dean has arranged for someone to come.He said it didn’t matter, he could just drop me off.On the way back, I passed a KFC. Liang Yu stopped and invited me to breakfast.Looking at the fries he ordered, I was reminded of my childhood.I remember my father took me to the city, that Children’s day, he took me to Kentucky, for me to order a portion of French fries.Because dad saw all the children around him eating.At that time, I was more than 4 years old, already have the memory.Eating French fries, or perhaps that period of time has been a bit chaotic, I think of my father, tears do not know when to flow out.Liang Yu saw this and hurriedly handed me the paper, saying: Is it not delicious?I shook my head and said no.Perhaps it has been a continuous rainy day, my heart stuffy, in need of an outlet, I suddenly have the desire to talk.I told Liang Yu that I thought of my father and my childhood.Then I told him about my upbringing.After listening, Liang Yu said, you are really too strong, I admire you very much!In such an environment, and so inspirational.He was the first man to say that to me. No one had ever called me inspirational or strong before.Liang Yu’s words gave me great confidence and support!I thought that knowing my past, Liang Yu would be as distant from me as Zhou Xu.Unexpectedly, he didn’t.He treats me better than he used to.Every time I came to the orphanage, as long as I was there, he would quietly send me a small gift, sometimes a snack, sometimes a cup of milk tea, sometimes a small plush doll…That year, Liang Yu gave me a beautiful cake and a princess doll for my birthday.He says every girl is a princess, and so am I.Then, he confessed to me and asked if I could be his girlfriend. He would cherish me and spend every birthday with me in the future.Looking at his sincere, I can not refuse, but the shadow of the past is too deep, I need to determine first.I asked Liang Yu if his parents would approve of him marrying a helpless girl like me.Liang yu smiled and said, “Let me rest assured, his parents are very open-minded people, he told them about my situation, they also support him.My heart of a big stone, instantly fell to the ground.That same day, Liang Yu told me his story.He had a girl he loved, and he thought they’d be together forever.Unexpectedly, the girl died in a car accident that year when they graduated from college.After that, Liang yu was decadent for several years.Later, his friends took him to do volunteer work and participate in various public welfare activities.Even if he succeeded in starting his own business, he would often do public welfare work. He also donated one fifth of his company’s annual profits to public welfare work.Perhaps mianmianzhizhong, god has its own arrangement, Liang Yu met me.He said he had already noticed me in the welfare home.That’s why he went there every Saturday, because he was sure to see me.Yes, from that day on, I became Liang Yu’s girlfriend.The second month we were together, Liang Yu couldn’t wait to meet his parents.His mom and dad are really nice people.Liang mother has been holding my hand, said, after their home is my home, let me go to play more, she gave me good food.Liang’s father didn’t talk much, only let me eat vegetables, and even gave me to peel shrimp.The third month after we were together, Liang Yu proposed to me. He said that although we hadn’t known each other for a long time, he was sure that I was the one he was looking for.So am I?Liang Yu is a warm person, with him, I smile more than ever, even dean mother said I changed.He encouraged me to try things I was afraid to do, like getting a driver’s license.Every time we met, he would hug me because he knew I needed that hug.The wedding room was prepared by Liang Yu’s parents. They also gave me a bride price of 80,000 yuan, saying that THEY could not neglect me.I got married in a welfare home, and Liang Yu’s parents supported me.They also suggested that any money from our wedding be donated to the institution where I grew up.What can I say?Nothing but touching.My brother in Shanghai and my sister in Jiangxi came back to attend my wedding.Brother is still alone, alone.I know his heart and I have the same trauma, just want a girl to warm him.My sister and I have both met a good man, a good husband’s family.Look how we’re doing. Mother Dean is happy.As for the welfare home family to attend my wedding together, liang Yu and her in-laws secretly gave me a surprise.And they were kind enough to save the best seats for my family.There was a time when my life was so full of darkness that I was almost swallowed up by the darkness.Fortunately, LITTLE by little, I walked out of the darkness, and from then on it will always be bright!Yes, special thanks to my husband Liang Yu, with him, my life, every day is warm, sweet.As he kisses me every morning.