Depth: How can the Lakers win more without Lebron?

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Unfortunately!The Lakers ended a three-game road trip with a home victory over Portland, snapping a losing streak, and against the Clippers, the Lakers got a late kill from Reggie Jackson, but Steve proved indispensable with his third straight 30-point game.How can the Lakers win more without James, who is likely to miss a few more games because of swelling in his knee?The fact that the Lakers have been turned over so many times this season suggests something very serious is wrong with the team.An aging roster and widespread injuries have set the stage for an unstable season for the lakers.It’s easy to win a game or two with players in hot form.But the lakers will have to make major changes in personnel and strategy if they want to maintain a winning rate over the long term.The biggest move the lakers made this offseason was the acquisition of Westbrook, forming a luxury version of the Big Three.But with Westbrook, the lakers have been on the verge of making the playoffs.If the Lakers are still the favorites, only Los Angeles fans would be willing to stubbornly believe this team.But with all the talent out there, it’s anyone’s guess how far the lakers can go this season.Westbrook may not be compatible with James, but the addition of Westbrook has certainly improved the lakers’ transition efficiency.Last season the lakers had 108.9 offensive rating, 21st in the league, and 98.6 pace, 17th in the league.The lakers are running an offensive tempo of 100.5, third in the league, and scoring 1.6 more points on the fast break than last season.But the lakers’ defensive rating fell to 110.3, down from 107 last season, the best in the league.Defensive lapses are the main cause of the lakers’ loss of competitiveness.Westbrook’s defensive efficiency has been declining every year since Durant left Oklahoma City.Because he put more effort into triple-doubles.Whenever an opponent chose to take a shot, Westbrook would subconsciously shrink the basket and scramble for the rebound, leaving his opponent empty.On top of that, Westbrook’s emotional nature leads him to gamble on steals during games, which can result in a loss and sometimes a foul.Westbrook has always played with his body on offense, and his technique and skill hasn’t improved much over the years.At a young age, he can rely on speed and explosiveness to break through dunks and kill all sides.But with age and less explosiveness, Westbrook’s lack of shooting has been amplified by speed.Defenders close down the basket and allow Westbrook to shoot open shots.And westbrook’s rush shots are often rewarded with ridiculous shots like the shot clock.If Westbrook wants to lead the lakers to more success, he must start with defense and control the ball properly.Defensive end one – on – one sticky matchup player, do not lose position, not gambling tackle.The offensive end as little as possible to shoot, to shoot more grip monk, Eyebrows create space to shoot.They use teammates to block and dismantle more attacks under the basket to make lethal.Once James returns, westbrook will try to stagger his minutes with him as much as possible to facilitate the role players.Then take a look at the lakers as a whole.The Lakers feel like they’re 50-50 against strong teams and weak teams, and they almost always lose.The main reason for this is the long absence of the two zhan Mei, and play not to the full.Because Zhan Mei has won the championship, and a long time injury troubled.Therefore, Zhan Mei played without the determination to fight every game when they first cooperated.The on-court performance of the team’s leaders affects the attitude of the role players, which is why the lakers as a whole lose against everyone.On offense, the lakers don’t have guards who can handle the ball after pick-and-rolls.He can do that when James is on the court, but the lakers’ offense is severely hampered when James is off the court.The prototype of a strong team is generally composed of a stable shot, strong organizational ability of the player.Like the Sun, the Warriors, the Lone Ranger.Because such a ball handler can change the opponent’s defensive formation by shooting and passing.When Westbrook doesn’t shoot, his own lethality is much lower.The only lakers guards with that ability are Monk and Nunn.So once Nunn comes back, add more nunn, Monk, and Jame pick-and-rolls to the game, and reduce the percentage of Tucker and Westbrook holding the ball.Once the lakers are more efficient offensively after the pick-and-roll, the lakers have more opportunities to score on the court.Ever since Vogel pushed James to the 5 to win some games, Vogel has liked the five-small offense.In fact, the main reason the lakers can win is built on James’ individual super ability.If you give James the Way he was with the Heat, the team would have a good record no matter what they played.Now, without James, the team has been riddled inside and rebounded.If Howard had been given more minutes, the lakers wouldn’t have been turned around.One final look at the lakers’ defense this season.Since the release of Kuzma, Caruso, Pope, the lakers’ overall defensive system is not so airtight.The linebackers are either short or old, and none of them are known for their defense.The lakers’ lack of defensive pressure is the main reason they’ve lost so often this season.To get back to their old defense, the lakers will have to work hard up front.Revis plays hard and has a positive defensive attitude, and he has become the new favorite of the Lakers.Having him on both ends of the floor in crunch time will definitely help the lakers.At 1.98m, Stanley has the body and speed to effectively limit the scoring of opponents at the nos. 1 and 3 positions.Effectively adding minutes for Stanley and Revis would strengthen the lakers’ overall defense.Meanwhile, it’s not clear why Vogel dropped Bazemore and Howard altogether.Bazemore has proven himself to be an excellent 3D player for the Warriors.Came to the Lakers because of inefficient performance, vogel has been completely abandoned.But Bazemore, at 1.97m and 93 kg, can effectively guard any guard.Giving Bazemore some minutes per game and letting him slowly get back into his game will certainly improve the lakers’ overall strength.Howard has been trending trending this season for his efficiency.Howard finished with 10 points, seven rebounds, one assist and one block in 11 minutes on 4-of-6 shooting in the win over Portland.Howard’s value to the Lakers goes beyond guarding the basket. His dedication and willingness to play will rub off on his teammates.If Howard gets 15 minutes per game, the lakers won’t fall to the bottom of the league in defensive efficiency.If the lakers make adjustments in accordance with the above three aspects, I believe the lakers’ record will improve.In fact, the lakers’ offseason acquisition of Westbrook was a huge gamble, and if it failed, everyone in the lakers would be blamed for the failure.Westbrook, on the other hand, has been the lakers’ worst acquisition in recent years.