How did Zhu Di die?

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Speaking of Ming Chengzu Zhu Di, I believe we are not unfamiliar, Zhu Di is also known as the “emperor on horseback”, During the reign of Zhu Di, basically is the crown prince Zhu Gaochi to manage the government, and Zhu Di is a military horse life.So, how did Zhu Di die?Let’s take a look!There are many theories about zhu Di’s cause of death. One is that he died of illness on the way to the north because of overwork, but because he was infatuated with Dan medicine, which eventually led to an attack in the north and died.However, no matter why Ming Chengzu died, they all had one thing in common, that is, they died in the north journey.Zhu di illness said zhu di all his life in battle, with a father zhu yuanzhang war at the beginning, after zhu yuanzhang’s death, and arise and beat Zhu Yun turn win the throne, when the emperor zhu di is not like other Kings in clover, for happiness, but continue to north Mongolia, and stable daming jiangshan, can be seen from the zhu di successively five times in Mongolia and zhu di’s life have much toil.According to historical records, zhu Di died of illness due to years of war and exhaustion. Zhu Di, the ancestor of The Ming Dynasty, had been seriously ill when he was sent to Mongolia for the last time. He slept rough and slept in the wind on the way and finally died.Take Dan attack died, of course, there is a more reliable argument, is zhu Di infatuated with Dan, Ming Chengzu Zhu Di, old age infatuated with Elixir, want to live forever through elixir, but “Elixir” role finally in the north on the road attack, so cause Ming Chengzu Zhu Di fall.Conclusion: in fact, no matter zhu Di is how to die, are dead in the north journey undoubtedly.At the same time, Zhu Di also left numerous achievements during his reign, such as Zheng He’s expedition to the Western Seas, which promoted the development of diplomacy and made an indelible contribution to the process of history!