Huangguoshu “three bowls of powder” order demand filled, full horsepower “catch the Spring Festival goods”

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As the Spring Festival approaches, guizhou Huangguoshu Three bowls of powder Central Kitchen Co., Ltd. is still striving for production and business goals.In the production workshop of the central kitchen of Huangguoshu Three bowls of powder, the machines are rumbling, the intelligent production line is steaming hot, the transmission belt is running fast, and the employees are careful and meticulous to rush the orders.Wang Xiaoming of European standard workshop is leading the female workers of the workshop to work overtime to make Spring Festival goods. They will pack one condiment into a convenient box. After plastic treatment, a bowl of sour soup and crispy bone powder can be boxed and distributed.Guizhou huangguoshu three bowls of powder central kitchen co., LTD. European standard workshop Workshop director Wang2 xiao3 ming2: now we are the normal amount of every day, import and export is around 20000, for the Spring Festival every day basically increases the amount of 20000 or so, now we are working overtime every day to 10 o ‘clock, is in order to catch the amount of Spring Festival, for materials is more plentiful.According to the person in charge of the company, the Spring Festival is coming, the order volume is increasing, and to ensure delivery before the New Year, so the workers are working overtime every day.It is understood that Guizhou Huangguoshu Three bowls of powder central Kitchen Co., Ltd. is a collection of research and development, production, sales as one of the modern large food production enterprises, this year in order to improve the brand awareness of the enterprise, through online and offline sales at the same time, and increase the Douyin live broadcasting room, now sales increased by 50% compared with last year.Guizhou huangguoshu central kitchen co., LTD., vice general manager of the marketing director ZhuGeXiongJian: giving this year, we are now in the Spring Festival, on the cable and offline two plates, we participated in the online Tmall, trill Spring Festival, also cooperate and sinopec Spring Festival, we currently online this data is probably the most in more than 80 ten thousand yuan.For the offline part, many orders are in the form of collective procurement. For example, Geely purchased 10,000 sets from us, and Huawei also purchased 1,000 sets. Some units and enterprises around us are buying from us one after another, and the order quantity will surely exceed 50,000 sets.Reporter: Tu Wenjun Liu Qing editor: Tian Qiqi