Life bureau five elements, water too much people, will have what bad

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I learn numerology tang teacher/book life bureau water more, refers to a person’s life grid, heaven see Liu GUI, earth see Hai zi.If these words are more than three, even if it is very much, if it can not enter the special case, it will do more harm than good to a person, which is full of too much water, what is not good, let’s take a look at it, (except for the special case).One, love freedom five lines of cold water, flowing, fickle, life is full of too much water, in system, water flow is more, don’t like being constraint, love freedom, love play tricks in the reality, the intelligent application of undeserved, wheeling and water is also the main affection, like a sentimental, not single-minded, fickle, handle affairs often hesitate, go with the flow, or the lack of mind of your own.Two, easy to drift water prosperous moderate: smart, smart, savvy, have the ability to adapt, but the five elements of water too much.Strong personality hot, get rich quick, current sichuan fast, a job is difficult to do for a long time, easy the mountain looked at the mountain is high, often change career or job, work hard to take root, so life, five line of water too much, no matter what kind of career, to their feet on the ground, don’t aim high, otherwise life much bleaching, difficult to get career achievements.Three, health is too much water to avoid: too much, too much water, fire must be weak, cold constitution, easy to cold hands and feet.Excessive water: the kidney, bladder, urinary system easy burden.Water wang certainly less wood, wood drift, easy to liver and gallbladder is not good, if it is more water gold failure, easy to lead to respiratory system, and intestinal diseases.Water and soil deficiency, adverse gastrointestinal health.In weekdays, we can strengthen physical exercise, eat some spleen-strengthening food, and maintain good living habits.For more exciting content, come to follow Tang Yixue teacher