“Warm Spring” in Jianshui Vegetable Garden

2022-04-26 0 By

As winter fades, spring gets stronger.When many people are busy with the New Year, The farmland in Qujiang Town of Jianshui County is a busy scene, the vegetable farmers are busy with the management of vegetables, harvesting vegetables, a picture of hard work, for this winter added a lot of warmth.Early in the morning, the sun just showed the head, the reporter walked into the qujiang Town Ouying village of the fields, greeted by a lush pod beans, cabbage, broccoli.Villager Wang Chuanyao is picking pod beans in the field.”The price of pod beans is not bad these days, selling up to 16 yuan per kilogram.”Wang Chuanyao said with a smile as he picked the pods.His family planted 2 mu of pod beans, has picked the fifth crop, sold more than 5000 yuan, if the current price is calculated, it is estimated that his pod beans picked can sell more than 20,000 yuan.Nearby, villager Wu Heng fertilizes broccoli.He told reporters that his family’s economic resources mainly rely on vegetables, currently plant broccoli and leek, broccoli has been planted for two months, if the management is in place, another month can be sold, such as broccoli harvest and then sweet crisp corn.Qujiang town is a well-known vegetable town, there are people growing vegetables and selling vegetables all the year round.Zhang Yunsong, deputy mayor of Qujiang Town, introduced: “In 2021, The vegetable planting area of Qujiang will be 146,000 mu (including double planting), with a output of 180,000 tons and an output value of 360 million yuan. Every day, logistics and transportation teams will transport vegetables to all parts of the country.”Due to the unique natural conditions, in Qujiang, people are not idle in winter, people frequently land is not shortage, all the year round, every family will calculate how to plate the land to plant good vegetables, improve the utilization rate of land to increase economic income.Zhong Jianguo, a villager in Zhongying village, told reporters: “Growing vegetables is hard, but it is better than planting other crops, and the increase in income is guaranteed.”The 3 mu of broccoli planted by his family is now in the harvest period, and it is estimated to sell for 10,000 yuan.Last year, his family planted eggplant, peas, ginger, potato and other vegetables 10 mu, income of 45,000 yuan, and in Zhongying village, vegetable income of 40,000 to 50,000 yuan of many families, the villagers by planting vegetables on the road to increase income and prosperity.At the end of the interview, it was nearly noon, and the vegetable farmers were driving a small truck, tractor and motorcycle full of all kinds of vegetables all the way, happily driving on the road of the market.Source: Yunnan Honghe