Westbrook agreed to a trade to leave the Lakers and part company with Lebron James

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According to an update from ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne, Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka was pulling out all the stops to pull off a high-impact trade and flew to the road for a two-hour private meeting with Westbrook.Westbrook is said to be open to the lakers trading him away.Ramona Shelburne confirmed in a report that the lakers have been having internal problems this season.”There is no light at the end of a dark tunnel.”A Lakers insider said in an interview.The Lakers made a big bet on Westbrook to look good, and reality slapped the lakers front office, Westbrook, lebron James and Anthony Davis in the face.This season, the lakers ranked 24th in offensive efficiency and gave up 112.7 points per game, the fourth most in the league.Westbrook was the key to everything. The elephant in the lakers’ locker room was well known and no one broke the story until Vogel dumped westbrook in the Nick of time.”So Vogel ripped the band-aid off the lakers.”A laker team said to reporters.After the Lakers’ loss to the Pacers, Westbrook wanted to speak to reporters at a news conference, but the lakers’ front office refused to allow him to speak, so he left the locker room alone and called kendrick Perkins, his former Thunder teammate.”Westbrook has lost his superstar voice since he left Oklahoma City.Westbrook has been traded to other teams for the last few years and he has to learn how to exist on other teams.First it was James Harden with the Rockets, then it was Beal with the Wizards, and this season it was Lebron.”Ramona Shelburne said, “When Vogel DNP Westbrook, Lakers GENERAL manager Rob Pelinka realized the seriousness of the situation and realized the Lakers were at a critical point.”Pelinka flew to Orlando overnight and spent two hours in secret with Westbrook.Vogel has also spoken with Westbrook several times this season, according to people close to the lakers, trying to help westbrook become more comfortable in the game and lead the lakers to success.James and Davis have also talked to Westbrook several times, trying to figure out how to play the game they expect.However, it doesn’t always work.The process of recruiting Westbrook in the summer of 2021 is well documented, and Jared Dudley was there to witness it. It was Pelinka and James who requested a trade for Westbrook, expecting westbrook to relieve James of his ball-handling and playmaking burden.More than half a season later, the Lakers have been up and down, facing a number of problems: 1. When Westbrook and James are on the floor with Dwight Howard or DeAndre Jordan, there is no space for the Lakers’ offense.With the likes of Caldwell-Pope and Caruso gone, the Lakers have the worst perimeter defense in the league.James and Davis took turns recovering from injuries, as they did last season.James missed 10 games in his first month, and Davis has missed 20.In a lineup without James, Westbrook didn’t work as expected, with a plus-5.7.All of this leads to one conclusion: The big three of Westbrook, James and Davis is fatally absent, and neither Westbrook nor James is likely to change their game, not because they don’t want to, but because they can’t.As a result, the lakers’ front office knows it has to make a game-changing trade before the Feb. 10 trade deadline.”To make a league-changing trade, the Lakers put their last pieces on the table, including Horton Tucker, Kendrick Nunn and a 2027 first-round draft pick.”Ramona Shelburne said, “You can either sell the last of your assets for an All-Star and form a Big Four, or you can do everything you can to trade Westbrook and regroup.””Pelinka’s two-hour meeting with Westbrook didn’t solve the problem, the lakers lost to the Heat, and Westbrook was open to being traded again.”Ramona Shelburne confirmed.However, the lakers’ two plans on the trade market were largely unworkable, with no one helping the lakers or James and no one interested in a trade with Pelinka.Westbrook has given the nod. It’s up to Pelinka to close the deal.#NBA regular season highlights #