A couple held hands and danced at their restaurant at 2 am in Guangdong province

2022-04-27 0 By

In meizhou of guangdong province, some time ago, a woman and her husband in a restaurant in dancing video let netizen envy, video display, the woman and her husband had come home early in the morning ready to put up the shutters, and all of a sudden women’s enthusiasm, while there is a music store, two people are dancing in a restaurant, and two people is also the pear-tree, seems to have their eyes only each other at this time,The setting was once very romantic.Sight scene really envy letting a person, and the woman said, she and her husband have been married for two years, and now runs a small restaurant, also is quite busy, usually more than just two in the morning, we are prepared to put up the shutters go home and rest, while there is music in the store, I and husband joke on the premises, feeling is also a good way to relax.Netizens are abuzz about it:”Romantic really regardless of time and place, basically is to see what do you think of the both parties, if two people’s mentality is optimistic, everything is nothing so-called” “let a person envy of love, sometimes I want to and my husband is romantic, but he will feel no meaning, also like a log, usually life feel less taste” “envy such feelings,No matter how living conditions, two people really together, life will always have a good day, working together is a little more hope “in my opinion, is happiness of a pair of small husband and wife, believe that they must have a special love each other, such feelings also believe everybody envies, after all the material can to strive hard, but it is not easy to want to find a man agreeable,More or fate to occupy the main position.What do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment.