All round big PK, Asiatic lion, Civic, Freddy who is more sharp?

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All round big PK, Asiatic lion, Civic, Freddy who is more sharp?It’s so nice of you to finally get in.I have been waiting for you here for a long time. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for your presence here, and wish you all a promotion and fortune and upward progress every day without delay. The following is mainly about compact cars:As we know, compact and at the end of the day, refers to its size, its displacement is usually between 1.6-2 0 l left and right sides, not only has small burden of engine, absorbing the advantages of the eyes, at the same time, the fuel economy of them are reliable, is the window of other cars can’t breakthrough, so deeply beloved by many working people,And the monthly sales are obvious to all.Next, I would like to share with you the advantages of several types of inexpensive compact cars. They are all my relatives’ experiences in driving.We must not “walk treasure” yo!The first model: Asiatic Lion inventory of Asiatic Lion sales: Asiatic Lion is exclusively polished by FAW Toyota, after the launch of the market sales performance is relatively dazzling, in addition, Asiatic Lion land price is also attractive, so it has been the trust and pursuit of many villagers.This is because: Recently, the Asiatic Lion continued to make strong performance, and finally took the 36th position with the sales of 30,800 units, so it can be seen that the Asiatic Lion’s progress is particularly considerable, and it is the most famous star at home and abroad, and successfully beat many of the leaders in the compact car segment.To be honest, Asiatic lion’s sales ranking is not particularly high, but I believe that many friends still believe that Asiatic lion’s charm is still one of the leading levels in the market.The reason is obvious, because Asiatic lion’s strong competitiveness is in your eyes.Many friends have such a feeling: Asiatic lion market influence is undoubtedly outstanding, I believe that its near future turnover will be targeted.Asiatic lion’s front face design is quite handsome, the car paint craft is very unique, and Asiatic Lion’s dazzling line style can be said to be perfect, which beautifully shapes its dazzling body posture.In addition, the Asiatic lion’s front car has enough momentum, and the sharp two-section waist line rises slightly, making the Asiatic Lion’s impact more attractive. It is quite spiritual when you look at it, and it is integrated with the shining LED lights. The external lines and style are quite fierce, which is in line with the aesthetic characteristics of the public.Space part: Asiatic lion rear row space is quite big, look very comfortable.The storage space is also very reliable, and its storage capacity is quite sharp.The interior space is 4720mm, 1780mm and 1435mm, which will not feel particularly crowded even if there are a lot of average size luggage in the back seat.So the Asiatic lion is very practical.Enough to get more friends to give it 100,000 likes.And the Asiatic lion’s trunk space is amazing, so it can fit a lot of suitcases.The practicality is absolutely comparable to the bus, is undoubtedly the kind of type I like.In terms of power, the power performance of The Asiatic Lion is absolutely outstanding in first-tier cities, with a peak power of 171PS. The transmission adopts a lofty CVT stepless (simulated 10 gear) configuration. Overall, the power system of the Asiatic Lion is very impressive.That’s great.Moreover, Asiatic Lion uses the mainstream aluminum alloy coating engine block, so it has better high temperature resistance.In addition, the new Asiatic Lion has a displacement of 2.0L.Under the aegis of FAW Toyota, the Asiatic Lion is already one step ahead of the mainstream compact car market.The top matching version of the Asiatic lion looks completely improved a lot, the front face is very sharp and stylish, give a person a unique feeling can not stop.In addition, the internal performance is also the biggest characteristic of Asiatic lion, there are many remaining seats on the seat, and its cost performance is also very outstanding, which must be why Asiatic lion so trusted by us the most important factor.Car Friends comment 2:Asian lion, fuel consumption is considerable, fuel consumption control should be improved because of the many, for now, the next Asian lion, a variety of common traffic environment are running, sometimes running outside, so heavy compact car, fuel consumption is really quite low, hundreds of kilometers of fuel consumption is now about eight liters, comprehensive view, is not very high,In the same level of compact car field must also be considered low fuel consumption.So I was very satisfied, even the children unanimously praised the Asiatic lion is the most brilliant.But if you drive in a desert area with few people, the actual fuel consumption is estimated to be higher.I’m an unmarried student, and if I save money on dating, I can cover my gas bill for half a month.My financial burden is not too heavy.Even if the temporary suspension adjustment time is not very long, it is hoped that the fuel consumption of Asiatic lion may be better after slowly running in the later period.Consumer word of mouth: I believe there are many ladies will have such a feeling: the suspension position feels a bit too hard, although the Asiatic Lion runs with a luxury car feeling, but when entering some small ditch or gravel road, it feels a little bumpy.If you’re an old man who’s not very flexible, you might feel a little uncomfortable sitting there with two August 15’s.Then, the wind noise was not enough when driving, especially when reaching the uneven and steep road section, it would be more embarrassing. In addition, I felt the driving force was very small when accelerating, so I went to the 4S shop, but FINALLY I couldn’t tell the specific reason.Some friends also put forward some disadvantages: 1. The Asiatic lion air conditioning exhaust is very prominent.3. The LED light is not clear in the field of vision when it rains. Model 2: Civic Appearance Appreciation: The new Civic has a strong sense of national fashion, which makes many friends can’t help but have an impulse feeling of being satisfied.Face before the whole part of civic power sharp, give oneself a feeling quite handsome, just as the bull ‘s-eye lifelike, the first modest, looks forward, at the same time, the civic enclosed the handle position with a lot of family have distinctive features of parts, water style turn signal with large LED headlamp unit is particularly good-looking,Its irradiation range and width have also been greatly improved.Moreover, the side of the Civic adopts the style of sliding back of other trees. The waist line of the side of the car is particularly round and smooth. The “dragon beard” line of the roof has been gradually sliding away from the B-pillar, just like a sleeping beauty.It’s just perfect.The rear of the Civic looks particularly skinny, and with some sexy and handsome design details in the taillight position, it’s still quite aggressive when lit up.So, many car friends have this feeling: the whole appearance of civic belongs to slant high-grade, sharp style.My former colleague originally bought the Civic mainly for the beautiful style.Shi Xiao Ge, the owner of the car, commented on the Civic: “SOMETIMES I don’t have enough money, so I go to the official experience shop for a while. Now I find the sound insulation of the cash Civic is very good and it is very quiet on the road. Although the civic is so heavy and long, its performance is quite good.The third model Furedi 78,800 ~ 102,800 appearance: although the appearance of the first look is not the most outstanding, but also is more simple and honest, the front face and the following wheels are smoked black processing, and the overall sense of nobility has been widened a lot!In addition, the shape of the front face headlamp of Furidi is quite spiritual, the chassis is very low, the te has a feeling, the high-speed corners are smooth and smooth, and the brakes are quite flexible.The simple lines of the body, coupled with the smooth flowing body, especially eye-catching, LED taillight group is also pretty beautiful after lighting.Very unique, sports, free from vulgarity temperament, can be said to be full of science and technology.Since I bought freddy, I’ve found it’s getting better and better.I am very recognized for the interior of Freidi: the material is enough, the assembly process is better, the error is up to standard, and the rotating button and the solid button have a good damping feeling, one hundred percent of dongfeng Yueda Kia’s reputation.In addition, Freddy’s high-quality steering wheel is very sturdy, precise adjustment, making the steering and turning smoother.In addition, the back of the front and back of Furidi is moderate soft and hard, and the processing of the fit degree is also very good. It is very comfortable to sit on it. I buy Furidi to do large reception, and customers say that it is very comfortable to sit inside.And Freddy hasn’t noticed the slightest smell yet.And the noise inside the car is basically inaudible.I’m glad about that.The starting process of Freidi can be said to be quite aggressive, as comfortable as milk tea, the performance of the start and acceleration is not drag, a step on the accelerator moment, the speed effect immediately jumped out.And when stepping on the accelerator, you can also feel quite good push-back feeling, and the noise reduction processing is particularly in place. If you do not carefully experience it in daily life, you will feel very quiet. This detail is undoubtedly very good.In addition, since the Power of the Furedi is quite remarkable, and I mainly commute, there is no need to upgrade the power of the Furedi too much.Car friends comment 1: The biggest highlight of Freddy is the appearance of the style is very durable, and especially the overbearing side leakage, the flow of light overflow car shape, the headlamp shape is sharp, the atmosphere after lighting is very handsome.At the same time, Furidi’s net has been smoked black processing, silver and white chrome plating and decorative plate below each other, look very fashionable and handsome, moreover, Furidi wheel “style” is also very good-looking, the size is relatively moderate, regardless of its size or production process and other aspects are quite bright.It looks a lot more powerful.The side view is dynamic, the bumper is very safe, round, emitting a pure and elegant sense of nobility.The car drives very quietly, no noise!And the seat material or good packaging, with the level of the inside, the car price and retention rate is still ok.In a word, the price of Furidi is still very high, with the version of the furidi “unexpectedly” less than 100,000 yuan, very good and no other problems.Juyou review 2: next is a nouveau riche, so is very good face, I am sorry to open out the general car, but since bought freddy, every time go out to do business out feeling very face, touch the steering feel particularly comfortable, at the same time science and technology are also very tall, children always asked me what freddy is outside?I told you Freddy was your old man’s ride.Juyou review 3: satisfaction, satisfaction, next to freddy is not only the price is great, comfort is especially good at the same time, since I was young, I especially like the car, after many years is finally bought freddy, this horse is comfortable, especially with the boss level of enjoyment, at the same time, fuel consumption is not high also, absolutely satisfied the requirement of my car.Car friends comment 4: The control of Freddy is very good, it runs like an electric car, this article summary today share are compact car, the price is high and low, it is worth our attention is that the vehicle official guidance price and transaction price is quite a lot.The minimum purchase price for the Asiatic lion is 11.08W, while the lowest price for the Civic and Freddy is 11.70W and 5.88W.Here the author wishes the friends the best of luck.If everybody likes this text, might as well one key three connect.All round big PK, Asiatic lion, Civic, Freddy who is more sharp?Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Wangwang review car