Shanghai officials said fredette was unable to join the squad for family reasons

2022-04-27 0 By

Shanghai men’s basketball team announced on February 02 that foreign aid Jimo Fredette will not play this season due to family reasons.Dear basketball fans, I regret to inform you that Jimmer Fredette will not be able to join the team at the third stage as scheduled due to his wife’s pregnancy sickness.It also means he will miss the rest of the season for the sharks.At the end of the second phase of the competition, the club is working hard to renew fredette’s contract.Meanwhile, the club helped Fredette obtain a visa to travel to China and booked him on a flight from Detroit to Shanghai on the evening of Jan. 31.However, suddenly, the club agreed with Fredette’s values of caring for his wife and family and wished him, his wife and family the best.While it is regrettable that Fredette will not be able to join the team as originally planned, we are confident that the Sharks players will do their best to live up to expectations for the rest of the season.Finally, I wish all the friends who support men’s basketball for a long time: the Year of the Tiger, everything goes well!