Tianjin Hexi: Female special police in the festival scenery

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A police officer greets a child at the Hexi branch of the Public Security Bureau in North China’s Tianjin, Jan. 31, 2019.Tianjin Cultural Center Square is full of festive atmosphere during the festival.”Run slowly, children, and get away from the lake.”A four – or five-year-old boy heard the sound stop, staring at the eyes of two heroic young female special police.The policewoman’s bright smile and patient answer made the boy very happy. He grabbed his mother’s hand and said, “Mom, the police aunt is very nice.”These policewomen are members of the West Coast special police women patrol service team of Hexi Branch of Tianjin Public Security Bureau.The 20-member patrol service always attracts visitors as long as it patrols the square.This New Year’s Eve, just after a snow, icy wind blowing in the face, like ice knife general.Their faces were red and their hands were stiff, but the policewomen stood tall.In front of the Tianjin Museum of Natural History, some of the people who came to visit saw the policewoman li Jie who was on patrol and took the initiative to ask: “police comrade, how to sweep the code, I am not good at using it.”Female police officers’ natural affinity makes them communicate more smoothly with the masses.”Don’t worry. I’ll help you.”Li Jie carefully helped the operation step by step.In hexi district colorful Joy city, is patrolling the policewoman Chen Qinghui saw the face of an old man, warmly greeted her: “Police officer Chen, good Spring Festival!”Chen qinghui remembered the old man.Last summer, Chen qinghui and her colleagues were patrolling the People’s Park during a rainstorm when an elderly woman stopped them and said anxiously that her 6-year-old grandson was missing.Chen qinghui asked for a description of the child, and she and her colleagues searched the park separately, eventually finding the boy.The old man always remembers the group of policewomen in the rain, especially Chen Qinghui, who is 1.87 meters tall.Chen Qinghui used to be an excellent athlete. Her hard work on the sports field has trained her strong physique and fostered her style of not fearing hardship.She brought her good manners to the battalion.With the Beijing Winter Olympics just around the corner, Chen’s memories of the competition are stirring again.In the past, she worked hard and dedicated herself. Now, she sticks to her post and makes selfless contributions.There are a lot of tourists in the cultural center square every day, mostly the elderly and children, children lost, lost items, friction and other police incidents occur from time to time.During a patrol, policewoman Liu Xiaohan found an aunt crouching on the roadside, her hands covering her chest and a pained expression on her face.Liu Xiaohan squatted down to ask the situation, aunt pointed to his bag.Liu Xiaohan immediately from inside to find out quick effect Jiuxin pills, take aunt, aunt’s situation was alleviated.She held Liu’s hand tightly as they waited for his family members to arrive.Liu said she felt her aunt’s hands go from cold to warm, and she would like to give warmth to more people.Their badges glowed under the winter sun, bringing peace and serenity to the masses.(Our reporter Kong Lin correspondent Xie Qinli) Source: People’s Public Security Daily