Why it’s so cold: The largest temperature difference between Guangzhou Sunac snow and the rest of the world exceeds 30 degrees Celsius

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Nandu News Reporter Zhong Liting intern Luo Jingyu correspondent Yao Ruizhe although the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics has come to an end, but the popularity of ice and snow sports is still there.Guangzhou Sunac Snow World, the largest indoor ski resort in South China, has recently gained more attention and become a mecca for many ski lovers in south China. The number of tourists has set new records in holidays, with the highest daily number exceeding 7,500, and the total number of tourists has exceeded 2 million.Guangzhou Sunac Snow World.Sunac Snow World has been in operation since June 15, 2019, with a floor area of 75,000 square meters and a snow covered area of 57,000 square meters. It maintains around minus 3 degrees Celsius all year round and the maximum temperature difference between inside and outside exceeds 30 degrees Celsius, according to the South China Company of China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau, which is in charge of the project construction.The design and construction of such a large indoor ski resort in a sub-tropical area faced significant challenges.General contractor in charge of the eighth bureau of construction revealed that in order to solve the “temperature difference is difficult to make snow heat preservation, the main structure is peculiar, slide mountain modelling, green construction and intelligent control” and many other problems, the construction party used a lot of innovative technology and construction technology.Sunac Snow World adopts the world’s most advanced fourth-generation indoor ski resort, with the world’s first three-dimensional cross ski slope, the world’s longest and largest indoor entertainment slide and the world’s largest indoor snow play area.The project has won 23 awards such as gold Medal for steel structure, international BIM Competition, and second prize for National Engineering construction BIM Competition.Guangzhou Sunac Snow World.At the same time, it is reported that huadu School affiliated to South China Normal University, located in Sunac Culture Travel City, is a special skiing school. The ski school team has 146 members and has just won the third National School Ice and snow Sports Competition of “Building dream Ice and Snow · Meeting Winter Olympics”.Cross-country skiing 4*400 meters relay and primary school girls 1KM cross-country skiing race two good results of the fifth place in the country.Ski team of Huadu School affiliated to South China Normal University.