You made “Lion Boy” with Down boys for awards, and now “Deep Sea”?

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When I heard that the second installment of “Lion Boy” was coming, I heard that it was another squint, and the Internet went wild.The saddle extinguish did not understand, is it “lion boy” director Tian Xiaopeng, feel his down’s boy law has achieved great success?As to why Internet users call the film “Down’s Boy”, An took a closer look at the characters in the film and discovered the secret.All the main characters in “Lion Boy” have a striking feature, that is: the distance between the eyes is particularly wide, the eyes are particularly small, and the canthus of both eyes slant upwards.And it’s not just one or two characters, as some people say. More than 90% of the characters in this movie are like this. Please see the picture below.What else is there to say, is this also called cantonese generally look like this?Believe it or not, the Cantonese came to your house and tore it down.In addition to a few main characters of the narrow eyes, a few supporting roles are not to look at, The saddle out always do not understand, bragging about the film’s audience, how can restrain their own nausea and vomiting, adhere to the whole film finished.The saddle extinguish don’t say that long ape-like sharp mouth supporting role, simply is to use the full adult mold copy come out, the saddle extinguish say to stand opposite him of this fat man, why net friend say this movie call tang’s boy?It turns out that there is a medical condition called Down syndrome, and patients with this disease look like this.This disease, also is not only China only have, foreign countries also have this kind of patients, look like this.The word of mouth of “Lion Boy” is very polarized, most people say that this is the light of National marvel, and there is almost no cartoon of this kind in China, so it blows the film to the sky, selectively closing eyes and directly ignoring the Down Boy, Squinting eyes and Manchu man.Of course, An also considered a situation, probably most of the audience, even manchu and Down’s youth have not heard of.There is even another case, that is, this pathological aesthetic has gone deep into the bones of some Chinese people, has not been removed, cannot be erased, so, subconsciously, these Chinese people think that this kind of narrow eyes and hanging tail eyes are beautiful, because westerners tell them that this is called beauty.Now that the down boy with the dangling tail has achieved unprecedented popularity, so, what is there to fear? Let’s move on to the Mimi eyes, didn’t you see how popular they are?So, the second animation deep Sea is coming again, and netizens are worried that Tian Xiaopeng, a successful director using the Down’s Boyish rule, will continue this disgusting operation in the second animation Deep Sea.Such concerns are not unfounded, as evidenced by an interview with director Tian Xiaopeng on Japan’s NHK.About “deep sea” this film, the saddle out checked baidu, the director is really with tang’s law of the young shot “lion boy” Tian Xiaopeng.The film’s release date was originally set for 2022, and the description on Baidu has not changed.But now there are rumors that the director and producers got scared and started reworking the production, presumably to make adjustments to the eye and face.Anman checked stills from Deep Sea and found no faces, only samples of sketches that looked disgusting and viral.More disgusting than the “Deep Sea” sketch, though, was the team that made “Lion Boy.”Some netizens have been asking a question, these graduated from high school production staff, do they really know nothing about what is called manchuria and narrow eyes?Ha ha, how can not know, the reason why people so insist, was scolded by the net friend, still killed all do not change, so capricious, you way is for what.Saddle destroy to tell you the truth, in order to win the prize, take the western prize!Last year, the movie was a hot search. Other animated movies are all handsome and cute, but lion Boy is as ugly as possible, and the more exaggerated the ugliness, the better.It’s interesting to see how the production team responded to the online criticism.Why people have such a big reaction to the narrow eyes, it just shows that our aesthetic view of animation has been homogenized, no aesthetic confidence.Good familiar words, ah, when Chen Man was scolded hot search, wash the speech is also so said, do not accept narrowing eyes, is not cultural confidence, do not understand advanced aesthetic……What’s more, “Lion Boy” is not aimed at you Chinese audiences, it is aimed at overseas screening, understand?Online discussion is also one-sided, like desperately blowing this movie, for others to point out the problem, timid choice I don’t look, I don’t want to see, I don’t want to know, you don’t say, I close my eyes, I don’t listen.And really see the problem of the net friends, turned out to be a few, which let the saddle out a little surprised.Later also understood, leek, always a large a large, happy growth ah.Their goal is not the domestic audience, they are directed to win the award.Decades ago, or for a long time, domestic film directors made all kinds of ugly and bad Chinese films and went abroad to win awards.From Ju Dou to Raise the Red Lantern, how many years have passed, and how quickly have people forgotten it?