Eggplant immortal eating method, too suitable for the festival to eat, simple, fresh and refreshing, good to eat

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Year after year, year after year.Gong guhuantian old year, happy New Year.What do you eat at the dinner table this year?Braised carp, year after year.Steamed pork ribs, thriving.Skin of a tiger and claws of its phoenix.Four happy balls, round and round.Cauliflower fried meat, flowers and riches.Braised prawns, good luck.All kinds of delicious dishes are not let you eat over.The food during the festival should not only look, smell and taste good, good meaning, but also the concept of nutrition and health.Chinese New Year eating and drinking, inevitably big fish and meat, eat big fish and meat at the same time, with some nutritious delicious, healthy and fresh delicious side dishes, is also a very good choice.Today, I share with my friends the flavor of eggplant, which is very suitable for holidays with some meat dishes to eat, fresh and refreshing, appetizing solution to greasy.Ingredients: eggplant, garlic, rice spice, green pepper, coriander, seasoning 1 Root eggplant, wash and cut in half.2. Steam until done.Steam and remove to a plate to cool.3 Let cool and tear into small strips.4 Drain and transfer to a bowl.5 Add diced green pepper, millet, coriander, garlic.6 Season with salt, MONOsodium glutamate, light soy sauce, vinegar, chili oil, sesame oil, grab and mix well.7 fresh and refreshing, appetizing and greasy side dish eggplant, the whole family like.Hello, I am the north wind blowing south.Love food, love food.Four seasons, three meals a day to keep track of your life.More wonderful food articles and videos are welcome to the home page.Thank you for your likes and attention, welcome to leave a comment to discuss, I wish you a happy life, all the best!