Hongyuan Street, Linxia City: Send books to your home and learn to your door

2022-04-28 0 By

To complete the community party branch winter training work for high quality, to ensure the enrollment rate.Ximen Community, Hongyuan Street, Linxia city enriched the winter training mode of party members, and carried out the activity of “sending books home, sending school home” for some elderly and infirm party members with inconvenient movements, and “sent” the winter training of party members to their homes.Send the latest learning materials and New Year wishes to resident Party members, and study together with them, so that party members do not miss classes, do not fall behind, full coverage, and effectively help “I do practical things for the people” to take root.Some retired a whole, the older party members because of inconvenient, should not go out, to organize collective learning, but winter training of party members, one can’t be little, during the winter training, community party branch after by centralizing, grouping of jurisdiction action inconvenience and deliver a whole learning, the books information into the hands of party members, further standardize the basic unit party member daily learning and propaganda education work,Guide everyone to read the original work, learn the original text, understand the principle, the party members to learn the normalization, into a real action, and the knowledge of the blind spot on-site interpretation, timely convey the spirit of the State Party Congress, so that party members sitting at home can timely grasp the changes in hometown, the latest dynamic.”Although the work retired, but the thought can not retreat, can not be left behind, these learning materials to timely, I will seriously study”, old party member Zong Jinxiu took over the learning materials, excited said.The next step, Linxia City Hongyuan Street West Door community party branch will adopt the “online + offline” mode, to ensure that the heat of winter training does not decrease, but also according to the actual situation of each party member, innovation learning way, flexible use of a variety of resources, broaden the party member education form, the party member winter training learning to go “new” more “heart”.Source: Linxia Hongyuan Street Office