My old country home

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“This is the name of my hometown.When I was a child, in addition to a few self – intoxication, really mouth spit out a few literati SAO operation poem elegant sentence.Grow up to understand the hometown of red culture, landscape culture, ceramic culture, academy culture, opera culture, farming culture, commercial culture, traditional Chinese medicine culture and other characteristics of culture and linchuan culture, Luling culture, Yuzhang culture, hakka culture and other regional culture.My hometown is 25 kilometers outside nanchang, the provincial capital.Xinfeng reclamation breeding farm is located in nanchang City, xinjian County Stone port, west mountain township junction of the public hill, close to 320 national road, the site covers an area of 40 hectares.The data at the beginning of the field is not Syria, no culture of bitter who understand.The establishment of the farm belongs to the construction period of China’s educated youth going to the countryside, fighting the sky battlefield to change life and transform nature.In the winter of 1970, Xinfeng Reclamation and breeding farm was assigned to the jurisdiction of Nanchang City and renamed as Nanchang Organ Farm. In 1972, it was renamed as Nanchang City “Five, seven” farm. In 1973, it was renamed as the present name and was subordinate to nanchang Bureau of Agriculture and Forestry.Xinfeng reclamation breeding farm for the north high south low hilly area, after the construction of the farm to agriculture.There are rice flour factory, tea factory, brick factory, fruit farm, livestock farm, agricultural team and so on.Xinfeng rice noodle factory: Xinfeng rice noodle factory is one of the backbone enterprises of Xinfeng Reclamation breeding farm. It was established in 1971, and the products include fine rice noodle, konjac rice noodle, high-quality rice noodle, and fast and convenient rice noodle. It has more than 400 employees.”Xinfeng brand” rice noodles won the title of provincial and ministry excellent products in 1991 and 1992, and the products are favored by the citizens of Nanchang.In 1991 and 1992, the factory was at its peak with an annual output of more than 10,000 tons, an annual output value of more than 21 million yuan, and an annual tax profit of more than 1.1 million yuan.After 1995, production declined due to improper management and insufficient funds.In 1997, private contract operation was carried out.Every time back home, get off the first thing to eat Nanchang fried powder, drink crock soup.Second kill most parts of China fried noodles, what taste, to Nanchang cicada, need not refute.Xinfeng Tea Factory: founded in 1981, it has more than 50 employees and 20 hectares of tea land.1988 was a year of high yield, producing 30 tons of tea, output value of 240,000 yuan, tax and profit of 30,000 yuan.”Xinfeng Cuilu” brand tea won the title of city excellent product in 1985.It was operated under private contract in 1994.Xinfeng KenShiChang built along tea, green tea and a half to high, a ridge ridge, strips, sheets, pieces, ups and downs, strewn at random have send, with mountain, see, the world is green, farms thriving season, already an endless stream of tourists in the city, with family, every year three, four plum rain sunny day for an outing photography, life memories.Once sweet sister picked tea lingering music curl without traces.Now there are only two old people on the farm, big cats and dogs.One faction was desolate and in decline.Passing through the tea fields will bring me to my old home.Xinfeng animal Husbandry branch: set up in 1980.Since 1984, the introduction of duroc, Hampshire, long white pigs and other lean breeds with local pigs, production of high lean rate of commercial pigs.Since 1985, it began to supply live pigs to Hong Kong and Macao. It is an advanced unit supplying live pigs to Hong Kong in the city. From 1988 to 1991, it produced more than 6000 lean pigs every year, with an annual output value of 4 million yuan and an annual tax profit of 600,000 yuan.In 1995, it was contracted by individuals.This is my house. I’ve fed Pig Man, eaten pig meat, and met my first foreigner here.The door faces the orchard.Xinfeng fruit farm: established in 1962, the fruit has pears, peaches, plums, chestnuts, oranges and so on.1989 fruit output of 100 tons, output value of 140,000 yuan, tax profit of 20,000 yuan.It was operated by private contract in 1996.In 2000, the orchard area of 33.3 hectares, fruit output of 13 tons.In 2004, the state-run Xinfeng Cultivation farm, with 43.3 hectares of orchards and 7 tons of fruit output at its peak, no longer existed.Every time I leave, I do not know when I will return to my school. The most true memory is that when I was hospitalized, all of you, regardless of grade, donated love to me one hundred and two hundred times to tide me over, a lifetime of love!Speaking of the rise and fall of Xinfeng Reclamation breeding farm, let a person sigh.Here, the city is not like the city, the country is not like the country.Cities and villages are so magical, a step out of the city neon, lights red red city that never sleeps, a step back, now no one wants to go to the poor and remote areas.Again pain is home, carrying the mountain fruit, under the river touch fish, into the forest honey, into the game.Chase pheasant slip dog catch rat, pass cow cow.Didn’t poke the hornet’s nest which called once the country boy, up the tree to climb the building out birds’ eggs, that year those things have done.