Rong GUI: In the water side, running after the dream

2022-04-28 0 By

Desheng River south, next to Dashan Island, flying egrets, awakened ronggui this waterfront city.Facing the rising sun, let’s follow the runners who get up in the morning and run together to see how the city just wakes up.Desheng Riverside Park has unique scenery. The Shunde Industrial Development Hall, which looks like an airplane engine, stands here, making the loud slogan “Made in Shunde, Proud of China” visible and tangible, vividly explaining “development is the absolute truth”.At this time the park west rongyi park book bar, has been visited.As the first park book bar completed and put into use in the “Hundred Gardens War” of Ronggui, rongyi Park book Bar built by the water not only embellished the waterfront line of Ronggui, but also provided riverside cultural space for citizens, which is a successful example of ronggui endowing the park with cultural connotation.Enter the book bar, do not disturb the people who are reading, come to the outdoor leisure area to rest for a while, in front of the microwave ripples, thoughts flow along the water.Water is the source of life. Cities are beautiful and prosperous because of water.Surrounded by water ronggui, jurisdiction has 36 rivers, the river network is densely covered, but also has the Magang Peninsula, Fengfeng Island and big Shan Island.The 14th Party Congress of Shunde District proposed that “adhere to the beauty of the city with water, revitalize the city with water, rebuild the charm of Fengcheng with water, and build the benchmark of beautiful China”, so that the relationship between the city and the water is closer — revitalize the city with water to rebuild the urban pattern, and build the park Ronggui with prominent mountain dew.The bugle of the new journey urges people to forge ahead.On January 20, Ronggui held a special working meeting to deploy the work of revitalizing the city with water.This year, Ronggui will take the “eight major actions” of water control as an important starting point, carry forward the spirit of village reform of Ronggui, and go all out to fight the great war of water control with the responsibility of “success does not depend on me” and “success must depend on me”.With clear to land, radical, mass, water purification, wisdom, beauty and shore xing-cheng, in love, and other water conservancy action was deepened, dish of chung mei shore pilot experience, 42 kilometers around the island of the construction of the ecological chain of “jade”, “ronggui, park” will be from the blueprint into reality, water beauty city, garden city clusters, let people see, touch, and enjoy.In the water side, dream running.Facing the future, Ronggui will comprehensively promote water control, urban construction and quality improvement, and do a good job in the article of revitalizing the city with water, so as to contribute to the construction of shunde high-quality development pilot demonstration zone.