Shut down!Kenli 1 enterprise was punished for violating the requirements of imported cold chain food

2022-04-28 0 By

Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point reporter Xu Wenjun 14, reporters learned from kenli District Market supervision Bureau, recently, Kenli District market supervision Bureau on the existence of violations of the import of cold chain food business “eight requirements” 1 food business enterprises to take emergency measures to rectify, is now publicly exposed.The company involved: Dongying Pengkun Fruit Co., LTD., problems: failed to implement the 24-hour advance preparation system and did not use the “Shandong cold chain” system.It is understood that in order to grasp the epidemic prevention and control work of imported cold chain food from the source, realize the full traceability of imported cold chain food, assured consumption, and ensure the safety and health of the people, the Shandong Provincial Leading Group for epidemic prevention and Control and Economic Operation (headquarters) clearly requires,Various types of imported cold-chain food enterprises should implement 24 hours in advance to prepare, cooperate with centralized regulation, access consolidated supervision warehouse inspection disinfection, use “cold chain” of shandong, show me the ticket, partition storage, bright yard sales, strictly implement the provincial cold-chain food epidemic prevention and control measures, etc. Eight requirements, in violation of the requirements of the above eight, shall be closed, public exposure, into the credit system,Implementing joint punishment;Those who cause the spread of the epidemic shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.Kenli District Market Supervision Bureau adhere to the people first, life first, strictly implement the work requirements of headquarters at all levels, increase the supervision and inspection of imported cold chain food enterprises, adhere to the “zero tolerance” on the violation of the “eight requirements”, do discover together, suspend business for rectification together, public exposure together.We hereby remind cold-chain food production and operation units, individuals and consumers to strictly abide by the relevant provisions of epidemic prevention and control. Cold-chain food production and operation units should earnestly assume the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control of cold-chain food, actively cooperate with and participate in epidemic prevention and control, supervise each other, and work together to fight the epidemic.Be responsible for the health and life safety of yourself, your family and the public.