Survival is more important than money

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Having experienced the whole process of reform and opening up for 40 years, I think I am qualified to say something about children’s education.I have seen too many people get rich because of reform and opening up, and then fall back into poverty for various reasons.Among them, the most important and direct cause of poverty is: failure to educate children.1. Low personal quality; 2.2. be complacent;No reading, no learning, no thinking;Bad investment;3. Other unexpected factors.Failure to educate one’s children tops the list because it is common, and also because it hurts.Their own business success, assets over tens of millions of dollars, and, they also hold the wealth, but because of the children or grandchildren not good, failure and even failure.More importantly, he destroyed his own child.This kind of news is found in all kinds of media.There is a girl in Changzhou, drunk, driving luxury car hit a BMW, the BMW husband and wife dead a serious injury, their car dead, I serious injury.What is the concept of this cost?If not, how many years?If an understanding is reached, how much should be paid?It is said that this girl grandfather wealth two hundred million, I calculate, if reach understanding, compensate at least one hundred million, oneself also seriously injured;If not understanding, at least tens of millions to compensate, after their serious injuries, but also into the punishment.I cite this example because it is widely known.There are a lot of similar stories that haven’t made it to the press.There are many cases of children and grandchildren squandering the wealth created by their parents and grandparents.What’s the reason?Naturally, it is the neglect of children’s education.We know that many rich families with more than three generations are very strict about their children’s education.So strict that ordinary people can’t understand it.For example, the daily expenses of children are lower than those of ordinary families.Housework earlier and more than ordinary families;Humility and politeness to people than ordinary people also severe.Because they know that only in this way the education of children, it is possible to inherit ancestral heritage, it is possible to have the ability to survive.They argue that the survival of children and grandchildren is far more important than great wealth as a legacy.You can struggle without possessions.And no ability to survive, in addition to the loss of ancestral property, only more and more poor down and out.The and other factors here add up to be less distressing than failing to educate your children!1. As for their low quality, it is also very common, after getting rich disorderly eating disorderly drinking disorderly wager disorderly whoring or even addicted to drugs.This part of people mainly concentrated in the 1980s and 1990s.2. The death of the smug rich was not entirely unjustifiable.For decades, they didn’t know why they were rich.Get rich for no reason, go bankrupt for no reason.Not learning, not thinking, not investing.How can not defeat!3. There are too many other reasons to go back to poverty.In case of death due to illness;Because the career change is not timely;Due to poor management;Because of divorce and so on.There are plenty of rich people who have fallen this way.It is not the most accurate word to say that the rich have returned to poverty. It is more vivid to say that they have returned to their original form.Of course it’s worse than going back to where you were.Because they had been rich, they had a harder time adjusting to ordinary life.As the saying goes, “It is easy to go from thrift to extravagance, but difficult to go from extravagance to thrift.”Of course, no one, like Du Yuesheng, is more worried about returning to her original form.Du yuesheng said: “You can’t jump the dragon gate, or carp.I can only be a loach.I grew up eating dirt.Of course, it is a pity that the huge wealth created by entrepreneurship is destroyed in his hands.It is a tragedy to lose a great fortune to the next generation of children.