Wearing headphones for a long time?Why don’t you try this amazing earpiece that makes sound from bones

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The modern need for headphones is probably second only to mobile phones and WiFi, listening to music, watching videos, answering calls…Too many occasions cannot leave!However, the ear is really tired and painful after wearing headphones for a long time. Many people even wear in-ear headphones for a long time, causing itching, inflammation and other symptoms.Technology serves human beings, just as mobile phones have evolved from brick mobile phones to smart touch screens, earphones are also in the sound of people’s demands. With the progress of science and technology, they are iterated from wired to wireless, non-noise reduction to noise reduction…Up to now, a relatively new type of earphone arises at the historic moment, it is not in the ear, not tired ear – bone conduction earphone.Any friends feel strange?Don’t worry, let me tell you more…Traditional in-ear headphones are small and delicate, making them the choice of many people.However, the surface of in-ear headphones is just too dirty!After a long period of uncleanliness, the next time you wear headphones, the dirt-coated headphones will go deeper into the ear canal, likely pushing the dirt deeper into the ear canal and increasing the risk of infection.Secondly, if the in-ear headphones are worn for a long time, especially with earplugs, a closed space is formed in the ear canal, which is easy to cause inflammation of the external ear canal, causing ear itching and pain.In addition, because sound is more concentrated in the eardrum, it stimulates the cochlear hair cells more.Earbud headphones sound effects, noise reduction and other effects are better, many people are “a headset, who do not love”, but also because it is too good to isolate the outside sound effect, many friends with this kind of headphones, really two ears do not hear things outside the window, resulting in the bus, high-speed rail sit over the station, walking and cycling safety risks are not to be ignored.In addition, it is large and bulky, which makes it not only uncomfortable to clip the ears, but also very tiring for the head and not convenient to carry outside.Bone conduction earphone is compared with traditional earphone. This bone conduction earphone, while keeping simple and small, does not need to be worn in the ear, and can be directly hung on the ear to enjoy the free listening world.Principle is very simple, if you eat chips, head is making bursts – bursts of sound;To dig the scalp can also hear Cha Cha – Cha noise…These are all bone conduction phenomena.Bone-conduction headphones convert sound into electrical waves (vibration signals) and send them directly to the auditory nerve through the bone.This also means that the real bone conduction headphones are completely silent after they are removed, so you can be careful when selecting them.At present, bone conduction technology has been quite mature and widely used in aerospace industry, hearing AIDS, military, emergency rescue and other fields.For example, astronauts wear bone conduction headphones to complete communication between heaven and earth.However, the early years of bone conduction earphones are not well known to the public for three main reasons: 01 Sound leakage Because of the sound principle, some friends will say that bone conduction earphones will have sound leakage.But you don’t have to worry about the sound being as scary as your cell phone. This kind of leakage usually occurs when your bone conduction headphones are turned on at a high volume, similar to the sound someone standing next to you might hear when you answer a phone at full volume.This is indeed the principle of design can not be completely avoided at present, the major brand businesses are also working hard to overcome sound leakage.Like this bone conduction earphone in my hand, as an entry-level style, it costs only about 100 yuan. I feel that the sound leakage problem in use has been relatively reduced, and there is no need to worry about the daily volume playing.Sound quality especially when bone conduction earphones just came out, sound quality is often criticized, but with the progress of technology has been greatly improved.As an example, I’m using a phone call that is constantly tested and tuned to look like an interview.Although in the sound quality, noise reduction and other aspects of professional noise reduction headphones, but daily exercise listening to music relaxation, phone use clarity is fully enough.03 Endurance bone conduction earphones rely on vibration sound, so the power consumption is relatively large.But another way to think about it, experts recommend that we use in-ear headphones for no more than 1 hour continuously and for no more than 3 hours a day, so the battery life of bone conduction headphones is completely adequate.My bone-conduction earphone lasts about eight hours and only takes two hours per charge.During that time, I video-conferenced with colleagues, and the call life was perfectly good and the resolution was OK.The most important thing is that the ears are not tired and the head is not heavy.(Don’t ask why videoconferencing is so painful.)These three types of people are more recommended to use bone conduction headphones bone conduction headphones are especially suitable for the following three types of people: 1.Waterproof and sweat proof, not easy to fall, suitable for sports and fitness crowd 2. Not ear, suitable for “oil ear” and ear canal conditions (otitis media, ear itching, pus, etc.) crowd 3.If you are heavily dependent on earphones, bone conduction earphones are especially suitable to be taken with you as a second pair of earphones.Even though it’s just hanging gently next to your ear, it’s more stable than regular in-ear headphones or in-ear headphones.Even if you’re shaking your head, running, jumping, or even going on a wild disco dance, you won’t fall off easily.That’s because bone conduction headphones are usually designed to be attached to the neck.The body is mostly a flexible metal similar to titanium alloy, which can be both soft and stable enough to grip both ears and the nape of the neck.If you suddenly don’t want to use headphones, you can also hang them around your neck, so that you don’t have to scramble for your pocket, and it is not easy to lose them.If you want to throw it into your bag, you can bend it and store it at will.Moreover, the bone conduction headset also has waterproof and sweat-proof design, which is suitable for sports and fitness people to wanton sweat like rain, running, skipping, lifting iron…Headphones are steady as a rock!The last point: When choosing bone conduction headphones, you should also pay attention to their waterproof and sweatproof properties.Specific is to see the earphone “IPXX”, that is, refers to the dustproof, waterproof protection level, the higher the number, the better the protection effect.This model of mine is IPX6 waterproof and IP5X dustproof, which is no problem in sweat or rain.After experimenting, I found there was another benefit to wearing bone conduction headphones.Because the ear can still receive the sound of the outside world while hearing the sound of the earphone through bone conduction, it is more suitable for exercise and fitness people to use in outdoor exercise, and avoid the accident caused by the failure to hear the warning sound.In addition, it is not suitable for people to use noise-canceling headphones when crossing the street or taking a walk on the side of the road. If they want to enjoy music for a while, bone conduction headphones are also a good choice.Even when colleagues gossip too embarrassed to directly join in, secretly listen to an ear, or in the office fish, you can also notice the footsteps of leaders behind you…If you are already interested and worried about not being able to buy a relatively high quality product, my link to the same model also helps you find: Bone conduction earphone for beginners — Sonde X4S bone conduction Earphone, the price of a limited time activity only costs 149 yuan, the effect of the pro test bar drop, no pressure for starting to taste fresh.To be honest, the overall performance isn’t as good as the hundreds or thousands of major recommendations, but it’s a great pick at this price point.Buy a brand of noise-canceling headphones to thousands of large, but not suitable for sports and fitness;Buying in-ear noise-cancelling headphones also costs nearly 1,000 yuan, but it’s easy to be dirty and uncomfortable.Today, the bone conduction earphone is only 100 yuan, even if it is a second pair of earphones around the special preparation, even if occasionally wear fitness will not feel loss.Bone-conduction headphones are worth a try if your ears are oily or inflamed, or if you listen to music to relax during exercise and are on a budget.Bone conduction headphones really who uses who knows!▎ merchandise information activity name: Songde bone conductive headset activity time: 2021-02-13 00:00 to 2021-02-18 24:003 working days after the order delivery, in case of holidays postponed.Order search: wechat search health store mini program — you can view logistics information.Contact customer service: open the product details – the lower left corner – click “customer service” message.