Weekly news flash | CBRC issues guidance on digital transformation

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Pay special attention to the silver insurance regulatory commission issued the guidance of digital transformation of banking insurance: according to media reports, “guidance”, including general requirements, strategic planning and organization process of construction, business management, digital data capacity building, science and technology capacity building, risk prevention, organization guarantee and supervision, seven parts, a total of 30.Vigorously promote digital transformation of personal financial services, make full use of scientific and technological means to carry out marketing and service of personal financial products, expand online channels, enrich service scenarios, and strengthen online and offline business collaboration.To build a safe, efficient and win-win financial service ecosystem, according to customer needs, cooperate with relevant market players in accordance with laws and regulations, innovate service scenarios, and enrich financial service products and channels.Improve data application ability, comprehensively deepen the application of data in business operation, risk management and internal control, improve data summation ability and activate the potential of data elements.CBRC consumer Protection Bureau issued risk Tips on Preventing “Routine” marketing: “Routine” such as one-sided information disclosure and hidden product risks infringes consumers’ right to know;Internet interface Settings hidden “routines” infringe on consumers’ independent choice;Internet loan marketing improperly induced “routines” to infringe consumers’ right to fair trade;Routine loans, illegal fund-raising, fraud and other illegal crimes “routine” infringement of consumer property security rights.Consumers should be alert to false publicity routines such as concealing risks and blurring fees, and purchase financial products according to their own risk tolerance and demand;Be alert to the risk of excessive debt and use personal consumer credit loans in a reasonable and compliant manner;Be alert to the infringement of illegal “rights protection by proxy”, carefully treat important links such as signature and authorization, and choose reasonable and legal ways to protect rights;We should be vigilant against fraud in the name of “debt service” and treat debt problems correctly and solve them according to law.Nine departments including the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued several Opinions on Promoting the Standardized, Healthy and Sustainable Development of platform Economy:Strengthen supervision over payment, disconnect payment tools from other financial products, govern exclusive or “alternative” behaviors in payment process according to law, strengthen supervision over the abuse of dominant market position in non-bank payment services, and study and issue regulations on non-bank payment institutions.Standardize the use of platform data, strictly supervise credit investigation business, and ensure lawful licensed and compliant operation.We will implement a regulatory system for financial holding companies, strictly examine the qualifications of shareholders, strengthen penetrating oversight, and strengthen overall risk management and related party transaction management.We will strictly regulate platform enterprises’ investment in financial institutions and local financial organizations, and urge platform enterprises and financial institutions that hold or share shares to strictly comply with requirements on capital and leverage ratios.We will improve the protection mechanism for financial consumers, strengthen supervision over marketing activities, ensure that disclosed information is true and accurate, and do not induce excessive consumption.Statistics Bureau released 2021 GDP: Preliminary calculation, the annual GDP of 114.3670 trillion yuan, calculated at constant prices, an increase of 8.1 percent over the previous year, the two-year average growth of 5.1 percent.In terms of quarters, it grew 18.3 percent in the first quarter, 7.9 percent in the second, 4.9 percent in the third and 4.0 percent in the fourth.Total retail sales of consumer goods will increase by 12.5% in 2021: Total retail sales of consumer goods will reach 4.0823 trillion yuan in 2021, an increase of 12.5% over the previous year, with an average growth rate of 3.9% over the past two years.In real terms, the figure was 10.7 percent higher than the previous year.China’s online retail sales totaled 13.0884 trillion yuan, up 14.1 percent from the previous year.Of this, online retail sales of physical goods reached 10.8042 trillion yuan, up 12.0%, accounting for 24.5% of the total retail sales of consumer goods.In December 2021, the total retail sales of consumer goods reached 4.1269 trillion yuan, up 1.7 percent year on year.In 2021, the per capita disposable income of Chinese residents was 35,128 yuan, up 9.1% in nominal terms and 8.1% in real terms after deducting price factors.Compared with 2019, the two-year average real growth was 5.1 percent.In 2021, China’s per capita consumer spending was 24,100 yuan, up 13.6 percent in nominal terms and 12.6 percent in real terms after deducting the impact of price factors.Real growth averaged 4.0% over the two years.Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) launched UnionPay New Shawcard national tide version: within two months after the new customer’s card check, 6 transactions through UnionPay channel, each transaction is over 18 yuan, you will have the opportunity to receive a zodiac pull box/up and down silver pendant red rope/Donglaiye good luck tide play hand gift.Customers who successfully apply for the card can enjoy a 75% discount of installment fee when they handle the bill installment during the activity;Wechat consumption points, credit card points can be used for cash in the APP such as CTC travel;New customers activate the first brush helicopter gold member, enjoy multiple courtesy.PSBC launched the military themed unlimited card: During the event, cardholders signed up for the event by binding to unionPay’s rights and interests platform, and benefited from the accumulative number of qualified transactions. New users could get 2 RMB 10 flash payment coupons and 1 RMB 5 flash payment repayment red envelope for the first time.One red envelope of RMB 5 cloud flash payment for 3 times in total;In total 6 transactions, you can get 1 cloud flash payment coupon of 10 yuan;Choose one of 12 Internet membership quarterly cards in total;A total of 15 entries can be drawn.CMBC launched JD co-branded credit card: during the event, new customers who activate their core card within 30 days can get 50 yuan of consumption gold, and they can get 80 yuan of consumption gold if they swipe their core card for the first time within 30 days.Three purchases of 99 yuan or above within 30 days will be rewarded with a bonus of 128 yuan.New customers can participate in the “One Purchase” activity of JD within 30 days after the verification of the card. By binding the card to JD platform and paying one cent, they can enjoy one of the four rights, including JD 100 yuan discount coupon, customized physical examination package, dental cleaning package, etc.SPD Bank credit Card announced new brand spokesmen: ren Ziwei, world champion of short track speed skating, Jia Zongyang, world champion of freestyle skiing aeristry, CAI Xuetong, world champion of snowboarding, Ning Zhongyan, world champion of speed skating, and Zhu Yi, figure skater.Bank of Beijing launched the Year of the Tiger Zodiac platinum card: a series of zodiac themed credit card products, cardholders can accumulate points for online and offline consumption, and enjoy 3 times of points for online consumption in birthday month, with the upper limit of 30,000 points per natural month;Non-birthday month online consumption accumulative points, the upper limit is 10000 points/natural month;Bonus mall gift exchange enjoy 10% discount.Cardholders can enjoy the maximum protection of RMB 50,000 stolen brush 72 hours before reporting loss and 168 hours after reporting loss.The number of credit cards issued by Bank of Jilin exceeded 800,000: In 2015, The Credit card of Bank of Jilin was officially listed.In July 2019, on the fourth anniversary of the issuance of credit cards, the number of credit cards issued by Bank of Jilin exceeded 200,000.In January 2022, jilin Bank issued more than 800,000 credit cards in total, completed the leapfrog development of credit card business in less than 3 years, and jumped significantly in the national city commercial bank credit card ranking list.Marketing activities Bank of Nanjing N Card launched the “Sign-in win gift” activity:Pay attention to the official wechat official account, enter the “Wish activities” page of the “NCard” mini program home page, choose the identity of the favorite talent, complete a purchase before 22:00 every day, the next day to N world check-in and punch in, check in 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days can receive punch in gift.Changsha Bank Credit Card launched the “Intern Welfare officer Fran Shuangjiao” : from now to February 28, cardholders can purchase designated merchant welfare vouchers to obtain hot pot welfare;From now to February 18th, every Friday at 10:00 am, cardholders will enter the activity page of “Hunan Good things 50% off” to purchase goods and enjoy 50% discount of featured food.In addition, there are wave stockpile taste good things, buy some taste Beijing xi, make a taste friend and other benefits.Bank of Lanzhou listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange: On January 17th, Bank of Lanzhou was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, ushering in the 42nd listed bank, the 17th listed city bank, and the first a-share listed bank in Gansu Province.Bank of Lanzhou issued 570 million ordinary shares at a price of 3.57 yuan per share, raising a total of 2.033 billion yuan, or 1.968 billion yuan net after issuing fees, which will be used to replenish capital to support continued business growth and improve capital adequacy, according to the notice.Guangzhou and Shaanxi publicized the third and first batch of innovative fintech applications respectively: The innovative application of Guangzhou is supply chain finance service based on digital technology and supply chain finance service based on block chain and remote video, and the applicants are Icbc Guangdong Branch and CMBC Guangzhou Branch respectively.The innovative application of Shaanxi is the blockchain-based mortgage loan of rural land contracting and management rights, and the application institution is led by Shaanxi Rural Credit.Please strictly abide by confidentiality laws and regulations. It is strictly prohibited to store, process, transmit or publish confidential information on the Internet.Wechat official account: Yinshuguan Card (UPD-Consulting)