A 71-year-old father who had searched fruitlessly for his son for 15 years tried to declare him dead after a court found him in six days

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“I’ve been looking for years, but there’s been no news.I am 71 years old this year, and my health is getting worse and worse. My hope has gradually turned into disappointment, so I apply for a declaration of death. Who knows, your court finally helped me find it.Recently, changshun county court reception room 71-year-old Yang’s words let the court staff can not help but eyes moist, feeling extremely.Yang old man’s wife died of illness early years, a man will bring up his son, in 2006 son Yang mou said that he wanted to go to Guangdong to struggle, considering that the son has already grown up, that young people go out to break is also a good thing, Yang old man agreed, and let him do not expect is that this go is no news.Yang lost contact with his son during this 15 years, the son also did not contact Yang, Yang is looking around during the old man, also reported to the case, blood for the record, but there has been no news.Ten years of searching also gradually let Old Man Yang disheartened, plus his old age, the physical condition is deteriorating.On January 5, Yang applied to the Changshun County court for a declaration of his son’s death.After accepting the case, the judge in charge of the review process found that the old man Yang submitted materials in the respondent’s communication information, through the national court unified service platform to send a letter of assistance to the telephone operator, query the respondent’s real-name registration phone number information.After receiving the phone number information registered by the respondent’s real name, the judge immediately dialed the phone and finally determined that the user of the number was Yang’s son himself.At this point, I finally got in touch with Yang, who had been out of touch for 15 years, and this was the scene at the beginning of the article.At present, The old man Yang has withdrawn his application to declare the death of a natural person, and his son is preparing to return home from Guangdong to spend the Spring Festival with his father, whom he has not seen for many years.