Jiangxi highly recommended to appreciate the sunrise, at a glance unforgettable, four seasons like paradise

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Although the figure of beauty permeates the world, it also needs us to capture with keen eyes and delicate heart.Mr. Zhu Guangqian once said, “Only with aesthetic eyes can we see beauty.”It takes deliberate training to discover and pursue beauty. As Nobel Laureate Kawabata Yasunari said, “Beauty is acquired by encounter and intimacy.It needs to be cultivated over and over again.”Such as Kawabata Yasicheng general, “wake up at four o ‘clock in the morning, found the crabapple flowers did not sleep”, with a sensitive and delicate heart, to feel the change of nature, to listen to the sound of flowers.Just like flaubert, the famous French writer, “I work hard and watch the sunrise on time”. Even if I undertake the heavy and complicated work, I do not forget to leave some space for aesthetics and poetry for some time.As the slogan in the Alpine valleys goes — “Walk slowly and admire!”Once in a while, slow down your pace and come to Wuyuan Stone City in Jiangxi province to see the beautiful sunrise. Let your soul catch up with your body, temporarily get rid of the golden lock of material, temporarily immerse yourself in the aesthetic world, get aesthetic pleasure, joy and happiness, so as to achieve a complete and rich life both materially and spiritually!Wuyuan Stone City in Jiangxi Province is located in Wuyuan County in the northwest of Jiangxi Province, Big Zhang Mountain township within the territory, has the “China’s most beautiful village” said, here steep like a castle, it has the “stone city” reputation.In this simple stone city, every family has to get up early to burn firewood for cooking, which makes the entire Hui style building village shrouded in smoke and morning fog, as beautiful as a fairyland, as if to come to paradise!Come to Wuyuan Stone City in spring, while watching the sunrise on the top of the mountain, you can also see the mountain full of rape flowers!Go to Wuyuan Stone City to see the sunrise in autumn: the dawn opens the curtain of the morning, and the halo of the sun is touching the visitors’ toes;The light of the hills and woods spreads the joy of the morning;Chasing the ripples of light shadow billows, the breeze caresses the grass, telling the beauty of the morning sun, this is shicheng magic beauty of the fleeting time secretly dark for the moment.The pale morning mist surrounding the village, white walls and grey tiles, was almost unreal;Shicheng of the United States, the United States in the morning, the United States in the twilight, the United States in the stone, she called a person suffocating, called a person intoxicated, is the red maple tree in the distance, morning light from the side to come in like a poem “far on the cold mountain stone path inclined, baiyun deep family.Parking fenglin love to sit late, red flowers in February.The scenery, looking at shicheng Fenglin, millennium vicissitudes of years experience.In the days when the epidemic is improving, come to Wuyuan Stone City in Jiangxi province to see the sunrise!After a long time of precipitation, she is more beautiful, more picturesque scenery!See here, leave a message to tell xiaobian, would you like to have a look here?