Lu was so prescient that Deng chao ignored his “gentlemanly demeanor” and asked for Bing Dwen Dwen

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Lu was so prescient, Deng chao said:”Send me an ice mound mound” — – the introduction recently, Lu Han period of video on the microblogging hot search, video Lu Han bless Olympics brought in, his left hand a snow melts right hand an ice mound mound, netizens to see this video can not help but sigh don’t know is the envy Lu Han still envy his hand ice mound mound, such a lively scene dumbledore head deng chao must also want to have a busy,Tell Lu Han to give him an ice cube.Nowadays, ice blocks become the top flow of the Winter Olympics, can be said to be a trick.But Lu Han very prescient, Lu Han as early as in before they bought many ice mound mound and snow melts around, he even has the most time the first star in the entertainment circle, all have now scene, in the name of the time don’t know who envy, when ice mound mound and snow melting is not so hot, everyone no urge to want to them now,You wouldn’t know it, but lu bought a lot of bing Dwen dwen and Xue Rong Rong for his variety show, so he didn’t just have mascots to cheer for the Olympics.At that time, the recording variety “Hahahahaha” program group asked them to buy their favorite things, and then to sell for money, the result only Lu Han chose the mascot, and he bought very quickly, as soon as he saw bing Dwen dwen all around like to move their eyes.Now ice pier pier so hot in the middle of the difficult to buy a pier pier, visible his vision is good, also very prescient.And he recorded with the other guest variety Deng Chao did not have this awareness, bought some bing Dwen dwen clothes said to be home for the two children to wear, but the most critical mascot Bing Dwen Dwen did not buy.Lu Han has some business vision, there is a net friend said Lu Han is mound mound, with super more ice mound mound, the legendary ice mound mound, xiaotong guan as Lu Han girlfriend, netizens also sigh not envy ice mound mound only envy xiaotong guan, Lu Han ice mound mound in hand, and xiaotong guan has Lu Han love, so Lu Han have ice mound mound, nature also about half haletone.Winter Olympics Lu Han didn’t arrived at the scene, but he’s engaged, full first take ice mound mound of snow let melts for the Olympic refueling, etc on the microblogging hot search, then Lu Han singing songs in the game when playing the songs of many Lu Han sung, passionate, youth enthusiasm, positive atmosphere, he sang the song adaptation degree is high.Han has signed up for the Winter Olympics playlist to play songs such as “Chasing My Dream”, “Super Champion”, “Kind of Fun”, “Land of Dreams” and “Please Come to the Great Wall and Ski”.As a singer, it is an honor and even an affirmation that one’s song can be played in the national competition.As a fan of Lu Han, it is very proud to see how well he is developing now.