This is definitely not a coincidence!Bazhou citizens report block number

2022-04-29 0 By

As we all know, the license plate number is the id card of the car, which must be kept clear and complete, and not allowed to block or deface. Recently, some netizens saw a vehicle openly block the license plate number in bazhou city, such illegal behavior, we must expose:(broadcast before the figure comes from, only for reference) according to the net friend said Mr. Yang (not his real name), on February 14, in the afternoon, I’m ready to drive with my girlfriend go out to play, in the past at jinkang host, far see the edge of the road seems to have a car in front of the cover plate, in order to see more clearly, I come near the car, this is a mass of white,The tag looks like it was covered with paper.In fact, at first I thought it might be the flying paper on the road, plus the snow on the ground accidentally blocked, after all, no one should be so open cover license plate.I drove the car in the past, want to see the car in front of the car brand, unexpectedly, the car in front of the car brand is also blocked tightly, this is clearly intentional ah, and there are people in the car, playing mobile phone what, should not be like temporary parking, but like waiting for people.I was gonna report it, but we had work to do, so we just took a picture and left.So why do people always want to block the license plate, because these people always have a lucky psychology, think will not be found, think can escape punishment, can hide the owner and the identity of the vehicle, speeding at will, illegal overtaking, red light, even accident escape and so on.However, it is illegal to intentionally block the license plate number, seriously disrupting the normal traffic order and burying potential safety hazards.(This picture and the following picture are from the previous broadcast article, for reference only) for similar illegal traffic behavior, here we remind all the owners, do not have any luck, obey the traffic laws and regulations is the right reason!Hope the traffic police department to investigate this matter, find illegal vehicles for punishment!I also hope that we will encounter a blocking license plate behavior must actively report to the traffic police brigade!Work together to maintain our traffic safety.