Another homecoming monster!Why do migrant workers rush home with buckets and bags?What about the money?

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Preface as time goes on, the development of our country is becoming more and more quickly, in addition to the city, the development of the rural also surprised many people, for many people, the countryside has more suitable than urban living environment, at the same time, rural air environment and local conditions and customs are also better than the city, by contrast, therefore, they tend to live in the countryside.However, one thing that cannot be denied is that although the development of rural areas is getting better day by day and there are more job opportunities than before, objectively speaking, the economic value created in rural areas is less than that in cities, and the employment opportunities are also less. Meanwhile, the economic income in urban areas is higher than that in rural areas.Many people cannot earn money in the countryside, so they will go to the city to make money. Some people with low education level can not get a good job even if they go to the city, they can only work in some construction sites. People with higher education level may look for some opportunities in the city to start their own business.But no matter how, to a New Year’s day, these people will choose to go back to their hometown, and their relatives have not seen for a long time together for a reunion, feel the temperature of affection.Therefore, every Spring Festival in China, there will be a “Chunyun”.For migrant workers, their money is saved by their own desperate efforts. People with better family circumstances may despise this money, but it is indeed more important than life for many migrant workers.After a year of hard work, many migrant workers choose to save money in the bank, bring it to their relatives to support the family, and then return to work at construction sites after the New Year.This year, however, the situation is slightly different. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, people are not allowed to come and go at will in some places of China, and almost all migrant workers are forced to stay at home and have no chance to work outside the country. They can only leave their hometowns when the epidemic situation eases down a bit.In addition, the epidemic is often repeated, many industries in Our country have to declare bankruptcy under its impact, many migrant workers are facing the crisis of unemployment, which makes the income of many migrant workers in Our country shrink a lot.However, regardless of the money is, more or less have to go back home for the holiday, this is the tradition of the Chinese people, also is all the desire of people a year, so every time arrived late, often can see the railway station or on some high-speed carrying bags of migrant workers, all his luggage seems to carry on the shoulder, there are few farmers union to assemble a suitcase,Why is that?First of all, most of the migrant workers are of great economic pressure, for them, their own earned every penny is very precious, so they do not want to use their wages to buy a suitcase, but direct labor plastic bucket on the ground or is leather bag, can install your own baggage, can need not spend money again, it is one of the best of both worlds for them.Second, plastic quality is especially good at the construction site, much more practical than we thought and meet all the needs of migrant workers friend enough, even after go home, the plastic can also be water or other things in home outfit, can continue to play to utility, wait until the old can also be used as a trash can, after is very convenient.Sacks and plastic buckets are better for migrant workers, who carry a lot of luggage, than half-sized suitcases that can be knocked over easily.Many people would think it would be “image destroying” to carry a plastic bucket on a bullet train or train, but for migrant workers, they don’t have that much concern. What they look forward to most is returning home at this time of year, so they don’t fear the eyes of others. For them,Carrying a suitcase home is no different than carrying a big sack or a plastic bucket. Whether they can go home for the New Year is what they care most.In the end, migrant workers do not want to spend money on a suitcase because they do not want to spend the money, because most migrant workers choose to go out to work because their families need money.It is natural for them to spend every penny on the right things, rather than simply on frivolous items such as suitcases.This year, especially due to the severe situation of the epidemic, the income of migrant workers is even less. Naturally, they cannot waste any money.Conclusion Although the country is developing gradually, many people have taken off the hat of poverty, but in the final analysis, there are still many people in order to live hard struggle, we can not define a person because of a person’s family situation, but should take off colored glasses, fair treatment of all people in life.As long as they make money with their own hands, they should be respected. This is also one of the principles of how we behave.Another “homecoming monster” appears!Why do migrant workers rush home with buckets and bags?What about the money?