Dialogue with Party Secretary

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Chen Ruifeng hosted the first entrepreneur teahouse on February 17th, the first entrepreneur teahouse was held in zhuhai.Standing committee of the provincial party committee, party secretary ruif hosted and delivered a speech, stressing the need to thoroughly study and apply xi general secretary work of qinghai major requirements, construction of “four”, focusing on industry to grasp the development opportunity, develop confidence, strengthen the xining feelings, vigorously promote pv manufacturing, lithium-ion battery energy storage, chemical grade three billions of new material industry cluster construction and constantly create a new situation and enterprise win-win cooperation.Kong Lingdong, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, mayor, city leaders Han Xianghui, Li Xiaoniu, Nanhai Yan attended.”Today’s teahouse is mainly to listen to the opinions and suggestions of entrepreneurs on the development of Xining.”At the beginning of the teahouse, Chen ruifeng’s candid words and pragmatic attitude won warm applause from the entrepreneurs attending the teahouse.Two and a half hours in the teahouse, the atmosphere was relaxed and the speakers were enthusiastic.Asia silicon industry (qinghai) co., LTD., qinghai li hao semiconductor materials co., LTD., qinghai, di battery co., LTD., qinghai high solar energy technology co., LTD., double seals carbon fiber scene xining xining artest photovoltaic technology co., LTD., co., LTD., qinghai, head of the era of new energy technology co., LTD. Mainly speeches, we have said, this type is very novel,Face to face communication, zero distance chat, real heart to heart, feel the municipal party committee and the municipal government from the heart, sincerely respect, care for, love, service enterprises and entrepreneurs.Centering on the real feelings of the enterprise, the seven entrepreneurs talked about the new changes and atmosphere brought by the “gratitude, forging ahead and striving to catch up”, expressed the firm confidence to speed up the development, and analyzed the situation, analyzed the plan and put forward suggestions to focus on the construction of clean energy industry. Chen Ruifeng listened carefully and recorded carefully.After listening to the entrepreneur’s speech, Chen Ruifeng said, everyone said the truth in the speech, holding is solid, seeking is the industry, after listening to deeply inspired, a lot of harvest.Last year, under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the provincial Party Committee and government, Xining made new progress and achievements in all aspects of its work, handing over a bright report report. All entrepreneurs actively engaged in the economic development and construction of Xining and made important contributions to the economic and social development of the city.The Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal government will receive all the targeted suggestions and suggestions put forward by entrepreneurs, sort them out one by one, carefully study them, and come up with specific measures to ensure their implementation.Chen Ruifeng pointed out that this year is the 20th party congress and the 14th provincial Party Congress held year, is the implementation of the “14th five-year plan” of the key year, is an important year to build a modern beautiful and happy Big Xining, this year’s work is of great significance, great responsibility.Entrepreneurs’ tea houses are a powerful way to continuously optimize the business environment and better serve the development of enterprises.He stressed that only when the enterprise develops well can Xining do well.Municipal party committee and municipal government will, as always, respect entrepreneurs, support and serve the development of enterprises, and play a good role of “there is a call, no trouble” shopkeeper.He sent a message to entrepreneurs, be the masters of modern beautiful and happy Xining construction, actively participate in modern great Xining, beautiful Great Xining, happy Great Xining construction, to make greater contributions to the city’s high-quality economic and social development;To be the main attacker of the highland construction of the clean energy industry, vigorously promote entrepreneurship, make enterprises bigger, stronger and first-class, and help the clean energy industry achieve better development;Be the main force of investment attraction in Xining, give full play to the advantages of entrepreneurs with broad vision and rich connections, be the “investment ambassador” of Xining, attract and drive more entrepreneurs to pay attention to xining, invest in Xining, and develop Xining;As the examiner of Xining’s business environment, I will actively make suggestions and suggestions, constantly optimize the investment environment and development environment of Xining, help xining to build a first-class business environment, escort and provide sincere services for enterprises to seize the commanding heights of industrial development.Kong Lingdong, on behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, expressed heartfelt thanks to the entrepreneurs for their hard work and great contribution in the economic and social development of Xining., he points out, hope you business will continue to support xining economic and social development, the municipal party committee municipal government will consolidate deepen the attitude construction achievements, strengthen the ability level, with responsibility, with emotion, with a task, under the robot body, vigorously promotes the implementation, the place of a consistent optimization business environment as an important foundation to promote the development of high quality, to help enterprises solve the practical difficulties,We will spare no effort to create an enabling environment for enterprises to become better, stronger and bigger.Good!Entrepreneur teahouse “Today’s teahouse is mainly to listen to the opinions and suggestions of entrepreneurs on the development of Xining.”Before Chen Ruifeng, party secretary, finished his speech, the entrepreneurs applauded warmly…Yesterday, our city held the first “entrepreneur tea house”.The entrepreneurs who attended the teahouse were very happy and moved!They said, “Good idea!Such face-to-face communication, zero-distance chat, real heart-to-heart, let us entrepreneurs once again personally feel the municipal party committee and municipal government respect, care, love, service enterprises and entrepreneurs of the true feelings, more deeply feel the municipal party committee and municipal government to build a modern beautiful and happy xining firm determination.We want to teahouse point a big praise for the entrepreneurs, response ruif secretary’s remarks: do modern beautiful happy big masters, do the clean energy industry for the construction of xining highlands of the construction of the ace spiker, do the main force of xining investment promotion and capital introduction, xining administering the business environment, to the xining high quality development of high quality life.”The evening news circle of new media friends also applauded the “entrepreneur tea house”!They firmly believe that the business environment of Xining will become better and better, and are full of expectations for the 300 billion yuan industrial group of photovoltaic manufacturing, lithium electric energy storage and new chemical materials being built in Xining.On The 17th in Xining, the temperature dropped sharply, but for the entrepreneurs of the city, it was a warm and harmonious feeling.On the afternoon of the same day, the city’s first “entrepreneur tea house” was held in Qinghai Hotel.Before the meeting, the room was full.This teahouse, called “Chat Hi” by entrepreneurs, continued to be energetic throughout the whole process. Chen Ruifeng, standing Committee member of Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Municipal Party Committee, met and chatted with 7 entrepreneurs honestly and honestly, which pushed the atmosphere of respecting, loving and serving entrepreneurs in Xining to a climax.”Novel and chic, speak freely!”This is the most direct feeling and evaluation of the 7 entrepreneurs who were present at the teahouse. In the back-and-forth proposals and feedbacks, many entrepreneurs are more and more aware that Xining is a “partner” with a sense of responsibility, and xining listens, coordinates and pushes forward all kinds of measures, which also make the entrepreneurs feel surprised.At the teahouse, 7 entrepreneurs spoke freely and expressed their opinions.Entrepreneurs all expressed that since last year, Xining has made optimizing the business environment and boosting the high quality of enterprises an important agenda, enhanced the initiative, initiative and creativity of leading service and helping enterprises rescue, and sincerely resolved problems for enterprises and provided thoughtful and meticulous services for enterprises.So that they can truly feel the strong atmosphere of respecting, loving and serving entrepreneurs in Xining, as well as understanding enterprises and innovative measures of entrepreneurs, so that they have more confidence in pursuing a deep career in Xining.Body tiger king of Asia silicon industry (qinghai) co., LTD., chairman and general manager of silicon industry in qinghai xining rooted in Asia for 15 years, the municipal party committee municipal government’s strong support and help to us is crucial, especially in the photovoltaic industry downturn, the municipal party committee municipal government for our enterprise is full of confidence and provides support to help us through the difficulties.It can be said that when enterprises encounter difficulties, the Party and the government will give us care and support, and we will always remember this kindness of the Party and the government.We are confident to continue to take root in Qinghai and Xining. Under the favorable business environment and advantages of clean energy supply, we will further expand the scale of development, strengthen and expand the industry, and make a contribution to the high-quality economic and social development of Xining while pursuing our own progress.It is suggested to further promote the integrated development of power source network, load storage and give full play to the advantages of green electricity in Xining, Qinghai province.Qinghai Lihao Semiconductor Material Co., Ltd. from the project to the construction of the year to the year of operation, the secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, mayor personally asked, personally coordinated, the whole project construction created N first, personally witnessed and experienced the industry mutually praised “Qinghai speed” “Xining speed” “Lihao speed”,Behind the speed is the result of xining city’s wholehearted service and support for the development of enterprises, showing the strong atmosphere of xining city’s cadres and people’s gratitude, striving to catch up, and feeling the strong atmosphere of the new and clean relationship between government and business in Xining.We are confident that under the environment of Qinghai speed and Xining speed, we will devote ourselves to the hot land of Xining, jump to the heights, strive to catch up, run our liho acceleration, and strive to build the industry benchmark of high purity crystal silicon and photovoltaic industry.To build the national clean energy industry highland, help carbon peak carbon neutral contribution.It is suggested to further deepen the connection between banks and enterprises and provide more financial support to promote the development of the clean energy industry.Qinghai Fodi Battery Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BYD, mainly engaged in the production, research and development and sales of power batteries.After taking root in Xining, Qinghai, BYD has received strong support and help from the Municipal Party committee and the Municipal government, which has created good conditions and loose environment for the development of our private enterprises.In particular, the Municipal Party Committee and government strongly advocate green travel and fully support the electrification of vehicles, providing strong support for the development of enterprises.The rapid development of Fodi Battery is an epitome of the development of private enterprises in Xining and a concrete embodiment of optimizing the business environment in Xining, which also strengthens our confidence and determination to continue to take root in Xining and invest in Xining.In the next step, on the one hand, we will base on the regional and technological advantages, further expand the industrial scale, strengthen and expand the lithium industry, and make due contributions to the sustainable development of Xining lithium industry while realizing the high-quality development of enterprises.On the other hand, we will fully cooperate with Xining to promote green new energy products in a wider range, and strive to achieve the goal of “Using Qinghai batteries in Qinghai”.This is also BYD firm return xining this piece of land faithful commitment.Xu Zhiqun qinghai high solar technology co., LTD., chairman of the scene view czochralski single crystal silicon rod project from the project examination and approval to the construction until completion of commissioning in just 93 days, shocked the industry, reveals the “xining speed, high view”, to create the speed, inseparable from the leadership of the municipal party committee in-depth enterprise active docking, top service,Behind it is the full support of the substation built in 79 days.It was with such personal feelings that I proposed to be a volunteer investment merchant to introduce and promote Xining to everyone, so as to let everyone know the good business environment and factor policy guarantee of Xining, strengthen the confidence to take root in Xining and cultivate it deeply, and attract more friends to invest in Xining, Qinghai province.In the next step, we will continue to give full play to our advantages, work together with the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government to break through the upstream and downstream supply chain, extend the industrial chain vertically and vertically, form industrial clusters, and strive to accelerate the construction of 100 billion photovoltaic industrial clusters to contribute new strength.It is suggested that more support be given to promoting the development of vertically integrated industries and introducing and training photovoltaic professionals.Lianfeng Zhongfu Shenying Carbon Fiber Xining Co., LTD. Executive Deputy General Manager Carbon fiber industry used to take three or four years from project construction to operation, but we in Xining only two years to achieve the completion, operation and profit;All the procedures required for the start of the second phase of the project were completed within a month.The data reflects the urgent expectation and strong support of Xining Municipal Party Committee and government for industrial development, highlighting a miniature of releasing reform dividends and optimizing the business environment.Xining municipal party committee municipal government’s strong support to make us more determined the confidence and determination to continue to become bigger and stronger, we will focus on the double seals xining to forge a internationally competitive base carbon fiber production base, as the bigger to show gratitude, the upstream and downstream industry chain strung together, jointly promote the carbon fiber industry sustainable development forward.It is suggested to increase support for the construction of new composite material industry chain.We will support relevant enterprises in strengthening horizontal collaboration and forming an innovation consortium.Qinghai Times New Energy Technology Co., LTD. Qinghai Times New Energy is a subsidiary of Ningde Times, mainly engaged in automobile power battery production.I personally witnessed and experienced the rapid development and great changes of Xining.Especially since last year, we feel very excited to see so many strong enterprises in China and even the world settle down in Xining and the Development Zone, which further enhances the confidence of enterprises in their own development.There are two particularly profound feelings: first, xining’s investment environment, business environment and enterprise development momentum is getting better and better.Second, the cadres’ work style is getting better and better. Especially now, every time we start a new project, the park will immediately send people to actively connect with and follow up the project at the initial stage, and continue to provide us with high-quality, convenient and efficient services in the whole project process.We are very grateful to the Municipal Party Committee and government for their deep care and strong support to our enterprise in attracting investment, stabilizing business and prospering business, which are the confidence and motivation for our continued investment and development in Xining.We firmly believe that there are the first and second largest lithium battery enterprises in China settled in Xining, and we have full confidence in building a lithium battery industry cluster worth 100 billion yuan.Cai Xu photovoltaic technology co., LTD., general manager of xining xining artest artest photovoltaic technology co., LTD. Is artest sunshine electric group co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary, is the world’s largest solar photovoltaic solar power products, one of the developers, in March last year we settled in xining investment construction of 10 gw monocrystalline silicon rod project,It is based on xining’s industrial advantages and business environment.At present, we are seizing development opportunities, actively layout to expand scale, improve production capacity, and strive to build a first-class photovoltaic manufacturing enterprise.In the next step, based on xining’s industrial advantages and resource endowment, we will give full play to our own advantages, accelerate the development of the whole photovoltaic industry chain, realize local digestion of photovoltaic modules, and help build an important photovoltaic manufacturing center in China.