It is impossible to miss such an intelligent Outlander!

2022-04-30 0 By

Some cars both let a person fall in love at first sight, but also let a person drive fall in love, intelligent outlander, is such, from the outside to the inside, all-round capture “European fans” heart.What are his high-tech skills – let the small editor here with you gossip about it!What is ACC?Xiaobian also do not understand how to write the full name, but I know that equipped with ACC Outlander, according to your Settings, can automatically follow the car in front, keep the car distance, even step on the accelerator are saved, it is a lazy cancer essential!HSA is great!Simply put, my dad and the old drivers will no longer use the handbrake to go uphill, so they won’t lose points for slipping!FCM is very fierce, it is a small expert in safety, follow the car too close, it will remind you, do not break other people’s home in the tail box of the soil eggs, safe driving ma just rest assured oh.TCL?Stop it! It’s not TV!But the body stability anti-skid system oh, to put it simply, with me, you can easily turn, beat yuelu mountain god!BAS, brake God assist!In fact, brake also has a “reflex arc”. When you hit the brakes in an emergency, BAS will give you a helping hand and instantly brake the car. Is there any teammate who is almost like god?!EPS, driving the Outlander equipped with it, the wife steering wheel is no longer sore hands ~ direction is not floating, the wife is not mad, is really awesome!