One disaster after another!Less than 24 hours after China announced its assistance, an earthquake struck the island nation of Tonga

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“All men are brothers, and thousands of miles rise in the same day” is a message of condolence sent by China to the Tongan people. It has also been written on the material box of China’s assistance to the Tongan people.Tonga has had a lot of bad news recently. About 10 days after the eruption, the first major earthquake occurred.The people of Tonga are suffering so much that even basic food and clothing are becoming difficult.How could China, as a major country with international responsibilities, turn a blind eye to it?On January 24, China’s aid materials for Tonga were gathered in Guangzhou and will be sent to Tonga.It is learnt that the aid to Tonga consists of three categories: epidemic prevention supplies, daily necessities and production tools.Epidemic prevention supplies needless to say, although Tonga suffered a serious natural disaster, but the epidemic prevention work still can not be taken lightly.I have to say that China is really thoughtful, not only considering the daily security of tongan people, but also considering the post-disaster reconstruction work, sending a large number of production tools such as tractors.According to Wang Chunming, a first-level researcher in the materials department of guangdong Food and Strategic Reserves Bureau, suppliers are very active in the process of preparing supplies.Because the main purpose of this batch of goods is to aid foreign countries, many manufacturers have never done export declaration procedures before, no experience.So they work overtime to learn, and actively communicate with relevant departments.The Tongan people suffered such a disaster, China immediately generous to lend a helping hand, a sincere “Chinese red” quietly rising in foreign land.China will join hands with Tonga to tide over difficulties and rebuild our beautiful homeland.Less than 24 hours after China’s aid to Tonga, the country has experienced yet another disaster.About 80 percent of tongans across the country were affected by the volcano and earthquake that hit tonga on January 25.The twin effects of the earthquake and the volcano have made the reconstruction of Tonga difficult.It is understood that people in many parts of Tonga have difficulty in securing basic necessities of life.The COVID-19 pandemic is making it even more difficult to help Tonga.Novel coronavirus cases have been reported in Japanese and Australian aid teams.The foreign media generally regarded China as the “best aid donor”.Nevertheless, the Chinese assistance team should not be complacent and should not ignore the importance of epidemic prevention and control. We hope that the Chinese assistance team can successfully help the Tongan people out of the sea of suffering.Part of the news reference source: Xinhua News Agency