The navigator is currently welcome to visit and appreciate the drop of 15,000

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White Cloud Lincoln buy a car to enjoy multiple privileges!Enter the store gift: enter the store with reservation information to enjoy the network VIP customers exclusive exquisite gift;Worry-free car selection gift: high quality car source, exclusive resources;Luxury car booking gift: on-site car booking will send Lincoln car gift package;Car carefree gift: designated models enjoy 5 years or 140,000 kilometers of original factory warranty;Happy Car Lift ceremony: Super Lincoln way car delivery ceremony, retain your unforgettable Lincoln moment;Lincoln owners recommended gifts: old owners can enjoy Lincoln boutique set;Lincoln Luxury Camp will enjoy multiple treatment, limited number, first come, first served!Baiyun Store: No. 1363 baiyun Avenue, Baiyun District, Guangzhou city!Tianhe Store: No. 100 west Huangpu Avenue, Tianhe District, Guangzhou city!Welcome to the shop for a test drive, there are enough cars of various models, so that you can relax, worry, convenient to have a car!The event will run from February 18, 2022 to February 28, 2022