What is the difference between male and female vasectomy?Take a look at this for you

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With the development and progress of society, people have higher and higher requirements for the enjoyment of spiritual world.More and more young people are avoiding marriage and having children, with many even saying they should go to a nursing home with their sisters in the future.Even if a young man and woman are together and accidentally get pregnant, what they think of is not marriage but abortion.But for women, abortion is very harmful to the human body, if the number of too many will even lead to infertility.All kinds of contraceptive measures will always have omissions, in fact, in the final analysis or have to pay attention to safety measures, is the most important.So is there really no alternative for those who want to have fun but fear that their contraception will fail?In fact, there are, like a lot of people will choose ligation, this method of contraception is generally applicable to the clinical has given birth to more than two children, or men no longer have fertility requirements can also do ligation, adhesion such contraceptive methods.Speaking of “vasectomy,” what’s the difference between male and female vasectomy?What are the benefits?There are project studies that show that male ligation and female ligation have some similarities, but also some differences, the same is that they are valid for life.The difference is the time of surgery. The surgical time of male ligation can be carried out at any time, while the female ligation needs to choose the non-pregnant state, and the time can be selected when there is no pregnant state.Also, male ligation is a minor operation that does not require access to the abdominal cavity, while female ligation is a moderate operation that requires access to the abdominal cavity of the woman.The duration of the two ligation operations is also different, the male ligation takes about 30 minutes, the female ligation takes 1 to 2 hours, the male ligation can choose to go home after observation, while the female ligation must be hospitalized to recover.The cost varies depending on how difficult the operation is.Male sterilization costs about 500 yuan, while female sterilization costs 3,000 yuan.Generally, after ligation, men will have a short period of slight pain, falling pain and swelling, while women are different, women’s discomfort will last for a long time, they will also have obvious pelvic pain and the most painful.Male ligation was resumed two weeks after the recovery, and it is recommended to use condoms to assist, the success of ligation can be determined only after two consecutive semen examinations without sperm, while female ligation was resumed one month after the recovery, good postoperative recovery, that is, the success of ligation.The success rate is 80 percent for men and 80 to 90 percent for women.Would you prefer to have your partner have a vasectomy or do it yourself?To know, male sterilization contraceptive method not only does not affect physical health and sexual life, and indeed male sterilization than female sterilization benefits much more.So if a husband chooses to have a vasectomy as a contraceptive method, he can choose to have the vasectomy himself, so that his wife will not suffer prolonged pelvic pain.Male or female sterilization did not affect sexual function.Of course, this needs to be discussed with the other side, ready, and then go to ligation surgery.