After leaving office will usher in a new turning point in life, come on!

2022-05-01 0 By

Today I finally sent my resignation application to the leader for signature and applied for leaving on 15th of this month.Finish the January account, you can hand over and leave.When I did not enter the state-owned enterprise, I thought it was easy to work in the state-owned enterprise, but after ENTERING it, I found that it was different from what I thought.It took me a long time to get used to such a state-owned enterprise of conglomerate nature.In fact, I really don’t have much time to do accounting, but there is a point that makes me not want to work in the financial department in the future. [Cover my face][cover my face][cover my face][cover my face][cover my face][cover my face][cover my face] after saying goodbye to this busy work, maybe I will miss and also miss the colleagues I work with, but life will make us move forward.It took a lot of courage to resign. I hope I can adjust my mind as soon as possible after I quit. I will decorate the studio first, then finish reading the new book at home and practice the guzheng.When my son is admitted to senior high school, I will run the studio well once it is up and running. If it is not up and running, I will take a year and a half rest and get ready to fight again.Come on!