Chengdu Hafu Red rabbit store down to 20,000 yuan, welcome to the store appreciation

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★ the city ultra low price, ju Hui does not close!Welcome to Chengdu Jiacheng entity car bar to the store gift: net about to the store or telephone invitation to the store can enjoy a beautiful gift 1.2. Replacement gift: Replacement car purchase can enjoy exclusive replacement subsidy, up to 11,000 YUAN replacement subsidy 3.4. Financial gift: The manufacturer’s financial policy 0 interest quick approval:There are more surprises waiting for you in Shiyang Industrial Park, No. 288 yixin Avenue, Chengdu High-tech Zone (Exit B2 of Qingan Station, Metro Line 8).Welcome to call our 400 consultation hotline (24 hours online) to learn more about the model promotion time from February 08, 2022 to February 08, 2022 preferential conditionsIn the store loan, in the store replacement, in the store insurance, in the store brand, need to add decoration Hafu red rabbit latest quotation model manufacturer guidance price/subsidy price margin Chengdu quotation engine version 1.5T platinum rabbit 123,800 yuan 0.02 million 123,600 yuan 1.5L DHT king rabbit 138,800 yuan 0.02 million 138,600 yuan engine version1.5T gold rabbit 117,800 yuan 0.02 yuan 117,600 yuan exciting version 1.5T silver rabbit 109,800 yuan 0.02 yuan 109,600 yuan strong version 1.5T red copper rabbit 104,800 yuan 0.02 yuan 104,600 yuan strong version 1.5TBrass rabbit 99,800 Yuan, 2000yuan, 99,600 yuan