Classic Chinese Reading Practice: The Biography of Zheng Xie in the Song Dynasty

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Read the classical Chinese text below and complete questions 10 to 14.Zheng Xie, styled Yifu, was born in Anlu, Anzhou.Less negative jun material, chapter hao Wei qiao whole, stream generation don’t dare to hope.Jinshi ranked first.Enter straight set xian yuan, know patent.Yingzong ascended the throne, yongzhao Hill, learned to use dry xing system.Missel said: “Today the country is empty, the army has been rewarded near, has seen the collection, rich room resentment, heard the Beijing division.The first emperor was thrifty and fond of the people, covering his nature. It was well known to all that he was very humble in playing with implements.And the hill system, is to effect dry xing at its peak, only does not hurt thrift morality?May it be brought to order and discredit.”The report.Then he said, “When your Majesty first came to the royal court, he was silent and respectful. He was only with seven or eight ministers who were in charge of the government. How could he be as wise as the world?Wish to apply to China and foreign, make all words, can be collected, call and it.As for the court officials to visit, visit to gain and loss, humbly seek, will be beneficial to governance.”Di Jana.When zhao all counties dun dispatch yi people, to try the secret cabinet, life to the officer.A multitude of voices and tumult will soon wither away from a perverse man.Missel said: “the ancient recommendation to call ten to five more than half of their situation has not been lost to 15 and a fu fu words can be used to wish to resume this section to make hao brilliant stagnation sigh” failed to go out of jingnan.At the beginning of Shen Zong, missel Xi from the inner east gate ordered Wu Kui to know qingzhou, Zhang Fangping and Zhao Bian to be involved in politics and affairs, and to send double candles to her court, where they were ignorant outside the court.Hence worship hanlin bachelor.The imperial court argued against Hengshan, and missel said: “This was where the war started.”In the past, However, When Xie Zinger took Suizhou, his missel said: “I stole from him the imperial decree, and xie gave up his duties.Now it is especially honor to use the man of treachery, the business is to hide, such as the warring States tyrant is still, or the emperor’s plan!Rodinger is happy and should be killed.”And cry out for the destruction, and send forth his successor, and do well unto them.The right to dispatch Kaifeng.Min Yu Xing and his wife murdered a woman, and their missel refused to use the new law, which was reviled by Wang Anshi, who became a bachelor and a scholar in Hangzhou.The imperial history cheng Lu Lu begged back, but did not listen.Shortly afterwards, he moved to Qingzhou.Fang SAN green miao Qian, missel said: “But when she saw the harm, she could not bear to be innocent and her husband was caught in the Constitution.”Lead disease qi idle, lift Hongqing Palace, died, fifty-one years.Poor son weak, its coffin funeral monk house for more than ten years, Tengfu Ann State, is the gram funeral.(Excerpt from Biography of Zheng Xie in Song History) 10.(3分) A.In the past, I recommended you to give me half of my ten points, and now I have not given you half of my ten points, and you have given me half of my ten points, and now I have given you half of my ten points, and you have given me half of my ten points.In the past, I recommended him to you that he had got half of it/that he had not yet got half of it/and that he had given up his words/that he might/wish to resume the subject/to make himself exhausted /.In the past, I recommended you to give me half of my ten points, and now I have not reached the fifteen points, and you have given up your words/in such a hurry/that you may/wish to resume this subject/so magnificent a sigh /.In the past, my recommendation was that I had got half of it, and now I have not got half of it, and my words have been hurriedly given up, and I wish to renew this subject.(3) What is wrong with the passage?System refers to rules and regulations such as laws and customs formed under certain historical conditions.B.In ancient times, there were officers and posts, each with a special division, so qualified officials are called “you si”.C.Mourning, the original meaning is to tell the pain and sadness of the heart, after extended after the death of the funeral.D.Green seedling money, the Song Dynasty to implement the green seedling law, green yellow is not connected, the government loan to farmers money.12.(3) What is the meaning of the passage?Zheng was intelligent and excelled in scientific examinations.The youth is famous for his talent, poetry and article style unrestrained and neat, no one dares to compare with his peers;After the jinshi examination of the first, into the dynasty as an official.B.Zheng Xie devoted himself to his duties and remonstrated many times.After Yingzong ascended the throne, he urged the relevant personnel to reduce the scale and grade of yongzhao Mountain Mausoleum.After advising yingzong to recruit sage, wide open speech.C.Missel Zheng was accurate and outspoken.The imperial court to surrender hengshan, but he expected hengshan is the beginning of the disaster;The emperor used the treacherous people, he compared the emperor to the warring States tyrant, severe criticism.D.Zheng Xie hated the reform and had compassion on the people.He refused to handle the case according to Wang Anshi’s new law, transferred to Qingzhou, also because of can not bear to see green money harm the people, an excuse for illness, request to resign.13.Translate underlined sentences from the text into modern Chinese.(8 points) (1) When your Majesty first came to the royal court, he was silent and respectful. He was only with seven or eight ministers who were in the government together. How could he be as wise as the world?(2) poor son weak, its coffin funeral monk house more than ten years, Tengfu for anzhou, is the ke funeral.14.Yingzong “governance yongzhao Mausoleum”, intended to emulate the previous generation.Please share with the text the reasons for Zheng Xie’s dissuasion.(3分) 10.11. A system B system C system D system12. A) Zinger B) Warring States C) tyrant D) Emperor13.(1) Your Majesty, who has just come to the throne, is humble and silent. With only seven or eight ministers presiding over the great administration, how can you make full use of the wisdom and wisdom of the people of the world?(2) The family was poor and their children were small. Teng Fu could not bury his coffin until he was the governor of Anzhou for more than ten years.(4 points)At present, the Treasury is empty and the finances are tight.The rich people resented the expropriation, and their complaints spread to the capital.First emperor humble, should not harm his virtue of thrift.Zheng Xie, styled Yifu, was born in Anlu, Anzhou.When he was a child, he was known for his talent. His poems and articles were unrestrained and neat, and no one in his generation could compare with him.In the entrance examination jinshi first, into the Beijing straight set Xian hospital degree support judge, know patent.When King Yingzong ascended the throne, he repaired the tomb of his father, Jinzong, at the same level as Jinzong, the father of Inzong.”The Treasury is empty and miserly at the moment,” says Zheng, “because of the recent rewards given to the army and the extortion they have had to levy, the rich people have started to resent the court and their complaints have spread to the capital.It was his nature to be frugal and love his people all his life. It was well known to the world that all daily necessities were very simple and simple.His tomb, however, should resemble the time when the nation was strong and prosperous at the time of king Jinzong’s death.I hope you can strictly order the relevant personnel to reduce the scale level.”The emperor did not listen.Missel Zheng also wrote: “When your Majesty first came to the throne, she was humble and silent, and there were only seven or eight ministers who presided over the great government together. How could she make full use of the wisdom and wisdom of the world?Hope you recruit Chinese and foreign personage widely, allow them to know all without exception, say without limit, have can refer to, call together study.When your court officials appear before you, it will certainly be beneficial to govern the country to ask them about the merits and demerits of the state.”The emperor happily accepted his advice.From time to time, he ordered the local officials to sincerely recommend some outstanding talents who had been buried, and appointed them to official posts in secret chambers as soon as they arrived in the capital.But some of the referrals were so inappropriate that the public outcry soon stopped the matter.”The ancients recommended talented people,” says Zheng, “believing that even if there were five out of ten who were truly talented, the rewards would always be half and that it was still a good deal.And today the presentation was wrong less than half, but because of irresponsible gossip and suddenly stopped, ok?I hope to restore this practice so that talent is not wasted.Did not have time to implement, as the governor of Jingnan.In the early years of Shenzong, He summoned Zheng Xie at the inner east gate in the evening and ordered him to draft three documents on Wu Kui’s knowledge of Qingzhou, Zhang Fangping and Zhao Bian’s appointment as a counselor. He was given a pair of candles and sent back to the house where he was housed. No one else knew that.So he appointed him academician.The court wanted to accept Hengshan’s surrender, and Zheng xie said, “War must start here.”Soon after Zinger captured Suizhou, Zheng Xie said, “I have read the imperial edict personally written by the emperor, deeply warning border officials not to make troubles out of nothing.And now, in particular, men of treachery are being put to great use, for raiding neighbouring countries, as tyrants in the warring States had sought.Is this the strategy of the emperor?Zrodinger started a war, damn it!”When emperor Liangzuo died, he suggested sending an emissary to appoint a son of Liangzuo. All wise people thought this was right.Zheng Xie was temporarily transferred to kaifeng Prefecture.When commoner Yu Xing and his wife murder a woman, Zheng Xie refuses to follow Wang anshi’s new method of handling the case, but Wang dislikes zheng xie and transfers him to a bachelor’s degree in Hangzhou.The imperial history in cheng Lu lu asked Wang Anshi to transfer him back, Wang Anshi did not listen.Soon, he was transferred to Qingzhou.Missel Zheng, who was distributing greenleaf money, said: “I only saw the harm of greenleaf money and could not bear to see innocent civilians jailed.”On the pretext of illness, he asked to resign and was appointed to carry hongqing Palace. He died at the age of fifty-one.The family was poor and the children were small. The coffin had been kept in the temple for more than ten years and there was no money for burial. Teng Fu could only be buried when he was the governor of Anzhou.