Five potential betrayals revealed ahead of time on the road to this year’s Wrestlemania!RK old iron on the list!

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Today, sportskeeda looks at five potential betrayals on the road to this year’s wrestlemania.Wrestlemania 38 kicks off on April 3, 2022, and WWE still has two more months to go before that.Wrestlemania 38 is an annual event, and WWE has a history of culminating in a number of events!And the betrayal between teammates will also be concentrated in this period of time outbreak!Let’s take a look!RK old iron on the list!RK old Iron as a former RAW doubles champion winner!WWE had previously planned to separate the two at the orientation contest.However, Vince McMann vetoed the idea, and the two are still teaming up, and will challenge for the RAW Doubles title on the show two weeks later!If at that time champion fails, two people exist split possible!Rick Booz and Shisuke Nakagoi split up. The pair had also been a team for a long time, and with Shisuke nakagoi losing the continental championship, the feud between Rick Booz and Shisuke Nakagoi is likely to escalate and lead to a split.New Day split, Big E and Koffi Kingston now team up in Smackdown, two former WWE champions who recently lost a match with Heartbreakers!This is not a good thing for a new Day group!And whether the conflict between big E and Coffey will intensify is worth paying attention to!Rael’s father and son parted ways, and the feud between the mysterious Rael and Dominic has been intensified for a long time, and Rael hopes to meet Dominic at the peak of Wrestlemania 38!So the two sides could split up before the big game!Uso brothers betrayed Roman Raines, Jay Uso and Jimmy Uso and Roman Raines formed the Roman family, in fact, from the beginning of the alliance, there are many differences and contradictions, so the alliance of both sides is not stable!The Uzzo brothers could have turned on Roman Raines at Wrestlemania!