Stunning in “out of control”, and was ye Fei night this high dry male hero Su a face, super burning!

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Fans, hello, welcome to xi Books, today xiaobian to push books for you, to solve the problem of book shortage, recently found a lot of novels, next let’s look at novels!Jing at “out of control”, was ye Fei night this gao Gan wen male main su one face, super burning the first: “out of control” author: Zhe Han introduction: Jiang Qiao strong twisted a melon, the result found, not sweet?She does not embarrass herself, not sweet to others will not be finished.Just the man leaned on the sofa sneer, “get cheap want to run, this world which have so good thing.”Why it’s great: Then he added, “Besides, Jojo and I are not home most of the time, so it doesn’t make any difference.”Storage spike by Sheng Zhan’s words suddenly blocked the sound.Jiang Qiao turned to see Sheng Zhan one eye, this man sometimes or quite a brain, will not pull bias frame.Look at it this way, they should not be too sad for the rest of their lives.Sheng Zhan didn’t want to talk about this with Chu Sui on the phone. He just said, “I’m driving.Then he hung up.Jiang Qiao waited and then half turned around and said with a smile, “Your family is really strange. Your parents don’t seem to like you. Your mother doesn’t like your brother, and you are impatient with your mother.Sheng Zhan did not look at her and ignored her words.He did not speak, Jiang Qiao hit hit mouth, “now there is another me, after this day, some look.”Then she could not help laughing twice.After a long time, Sheng Zhan turned to look at Jiang Qiao, his eyes lukewarm.(Click below to read it for free) The second book: I Want to Live Next Door to You by Ye Feiye.Introduce: after marriage — valentine’s day, Han Jingnian asks: “how to lead today?”Summer good night hug quilt, sleepy answer: “sleep.”On Christmas Day, Han Jingnian asked, “How shall I spend today?”Summer good night holding a pillow, careless of answer: “sleep.”On their wedding anniversary, Han Jingnian held a glass of water and asked, How will you spend today?Xia goodnight nest on the bed, lazy opened his eyes, alert staring at Han Jingnian at any time will be poured into the bed of water thinking for three seconds, back: “and you……Together.”Wonderful content: Zhang Special help this thoroughly understand the meaning of Han Jingnian cousin, she this is to let the doctor to summer good night also check, and then looked at the doctor: “that, Thank the doctor, since you have come, give your wife also take a look.”Hearing this, Xia goodnight was surprised in her heart.The bruises on her back have not come loose, if they were examined by Dr. Xie, it would not expose the lie she told some time ago?Summer goodnight didn’t think about it suddenly shook his head: “I’m all right, I’m all right, don’t give me a check…”Hearing this, Han Jingnian cousin shook her head crazily and grabbed Dr. Xie’s skirt more strongly.Summer night refused, Han Jingnian cousin insisted, temporarily between the house into a stalemate.One was a family doctor, the other an assistant, so much so that neither knew what to do.When the crossbow was pulled out in the house, the door was pushed open and Han Jingnian came in.Han Jingnian cousin like to see the hope of the general, rushed to Han Jingnian in front, pointing to Dr. Xie, and pointing to summer good night, also from time to time to point to his back, all kinds of dancing gestures.Han Jingnian doesn’t know what her cousin is saying, frowning and looking at Zhang Special help.Zhang Tezhu, who understood the situation, also spoke as if he had seen a savior.”I saw the little miss always crying, crying so much, where is afraid of her hurt, let thank the doctor a visit, the results of the little miss after the inspection, not to thank doctor, had to thank the doctor to Mrs Examination, Mrs May said he is ok, determined not to let doctor check, and then the little miss and Mrs Stalemate down like this.”After listening to the cause and effect of Han Jingnian, looked at summer good night.Summer goodnight contact his line of sight, a little flustered bow: “I really have nothing to do…”Han Jingnian cousin crazy shaking his head, shaking hands, a very sure summer good night is something.Zhang special help: “Han zong, you see……”(Click below to read for free) The third book: “If I had you, life what to beg for” by: Jin Zhu Introduction: Song Anchen and Ye life childhood sweethearts, unguessing grow up, carefully like each other.And because of family accident, life suddenly leave without saying goodbye, as if is never come to his side.After 6 years, leaf lifetime became a small nurse, met the tumor surgeon song Anchen that is in same hospital, song Anchen is right in those days lifetime do not tell and do not be able to let go, pretend not to care intentionally, but like this kind of thing, although cover up mouth not to say, still can run out from the eye.When two people misunderstanding removes, the sincere feeling that gives birth to originally dark already deeply outspread to each other heart bottom.Six years ago, she left home because of family misfortune, but also left the love of his song Anchen.Six years later, he asked her for money with a kiss, she had nowhere to run.Crush on you, this is the only reason I become humble.There’s nothing more important than her staying with him.Life nest in song Anchen’s arms, blinking, uncomprehending said: “the report has not come out, the test will take some time.”Song Anchen’s body has the taste of a hospital, light alcohol and not very smelly medicine, life is very like this taste, there seems to be an invisible sense of security.”Let’s go home.That doesn’t matter.”Song Anchen rubs her hair, holds her hand, pulls outward.Life some hesitation, but according to him, he pulled away.Two people sit in the car, Song Anchen face solemn turned the key, the car began to start.Lifetime a meal, see song Anchen did not fasten seat belt, pursed purse mouth way: “you are so not safe, or fasten condom!”Song Anchen micro zheng, the original dignified face suddenly can not laugh or cry.Life for a time did not respond to return, but was song Anchen that kind of smile do not come out, want to cry and hold back the appearance of panic.”Last time I bought a bunch of condoms that I didn’t use, so you’re still thinking about that bag of condoms…”Song Anchen burst into laughter, but life has red face of the line, she made a slip of the tongue, said the safety belt into a condom.Song anchen Ying holds the hand of a lifetime, wrapping her hand in his palm.From song Anchen’s palm came the warm warm, flowing through the heart of life, she not only why their fast change.”Life……””Huh?””Wife…””Well.”Mr. Song’s lips curved as he focused on driving.All the way to life could not help but look up to Song Anchen, I saw his ying ting side face is smiling, not like before the kind of strange smile, but comfortable and refreshing.What put him in such a good mood?So we’re out of surgery?Song Anchen sent Her to her home downstairs. Before she left, she gave her a goodbye kiss.(Click below to read for free) Well, today’s recommendation of xiaobian is here, like you can also pay attention to oh, take you to see different novels every day ~ pay attention to xiaobian, reading is not confused.