Su Yiming, a “genius boy”, won a gold medal on the platform on his 18th birthday.

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Su Yiming, 17, won the sixth gold medal for China in the men’s snowboard big jump final of the Beijing Winter Olympics today.In December 2019, the “boiling snow” INTERNATIONAL Snowboard World Cup was held at the newly completed Shougang Ski Big Jump platform.Su Yiming of China, a teenager under 16, finished sixth in her qualifying group and missed out on the final.Still, Ms. Su is excited.Looking at the blinding lights, he wondered: “Will I still be standing here in two years?What will I do?”Su Yiming, a young boy with “wild talk”, started her career as a “genius boy”.At the age of 4, my parents, who are snowboarding enthusiasts, went to the ski resort. At the age of 7, they were sponsored by a famous international ski brand. At the age of 12, they became one of the top skiers in China.With the support of hard work and talent, Su’s path to becoming a talent is smooth, and she has failed in domestic youth competitions.Because of his skiing skills, he was selected by director Tsui Hark and starred in the movie the Taking of Tiger Mountain. Later, he appeared in many TV series and variety shows, becoming a very popular child star.On July 31, 2015, Beijing won the right to host the 2022 Winter Olympics.Su Yiming, 11, watched TV and could not sit still. “Skiing is what I love most. It would be so cool to represent my country and compete at the world’s highest level on home soil,” she said.So while many of her peers have no idea what she wants to do in the future, Su has put her acting career on hold and devoted all her spare time to skiing training.”Sometimes when I look back on it, it was a ‘great’ goal when I was a kid and could only perform a few simple moves.”Su admits that she is a “big thinker”, but not wishful thinking, “because I am working hard and getting closer and closer to my goal.The Winter Olympics is a big goal, but I always have the same little goal — to train well every day, no matter when it happens.”As Su says, he spent the next three years taking steps.In August 2018, he was selected to the National Training team and donned the “National brand”.In the 2018-2019 national championships, Su, who took part in the men’s group national competition for the first time, won the gold medal in the platform. Since then, she has never let the national champion leave her.In January 2019, So made his first appearance in the International Snow League. He won the gold medal of the Korean National Championships in the big platform and the silver medal in slopestyle at the Phoenix Snow Park, the moguls venue of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.In February, he was invited to compete in the U.S. Open snowboarding competition.Su is the first Chinese to compete in the invitation-only event, which only accepts the top 30 or 40 skaters in the world.”I believe that all great successes come from small increments.No matter how great a goal is, if it is not implemented in every day, even every minute, every second of action, it is just lip service.”Along the way, that year “mouth wild talk” small youth, closer and closer to the target.And just going to the Winter Olympics was not enough to satisfy his “ambition”.After entering the national team, Su yiming’s “growth curve” went up all the way and made rapid progress.In the 2020-2021 snow season, Su yiming has made breakthroughs, successively “unlocking” 1440 degrees of reverse foot turn and 1620 degrees of four directions.On the second day of 2021, Su yiming successfully challenged the 1800-degree difficult movement of backfoot outside turn, opening the door of the “18th era” for Chinese snowboarding.In October, during the training with the national training team in Austria, he completed the world’s first ultra-difficult turn of 1980 degrees.For a professional skater, even half a turn in the air, let alone an extra 360 degrees, is not easy.The seemingly upward curve is not without its ups and downs.Behind every success, there are countless failures and disappointments.At her worst, Ms. Su could break several skis a week.But he is a child who loves to “struggle” with himself. “Sometimes when the action is not good, I will be angry with myself, especially chagrin.Some people might tune it up and try it when they feel better, but I don’t.Even if I don’t eat, I’ll finish it before I go down.”The well-stocked Su took to the World Cup for the first time in the Winter Olympic season.After his defeat in Kur, Switzerland, in October, he moved to Stiembaut, the United States, where he completed a high-quality 1800-degree turn in the first qualifying round and topped the heat, becoming the first Chinese male snowboarder to reach the Final of the Snowboard World Cup.In the final, Su’s steady play clinched the gold medal one round early — the first time a Chinese athlete has won a World Cup podium in this event.Finally, with honors and full of expectations, Su yiming began her journey to Beijing winter Olympics.He made Chinese men’s snowboarding history by winning the silver medal in the slopestyle final on July 7.”From tomorrow, I will calm down and work on the details to prepare for the big jump.”A silver medal, of course, is not Su’s ultimate goal.From the performance of the past two years, compared with slopestyle, Su yiming has a more obvious advantage in the big platform, not only “difficulty” online, but also high stability of movement.However, the event is extremely competitive, with all the finalists having at least 1,800 degrees in reserve, and no one is surprised to win.But Su is not afraid of challenges.”If you don’t think you can do it, you really don’t have a chance.”With his 18th birthday just three days away, he gave himself the best coming-of-age gift with this gold medal.Source: Beijing Daily client reporter Wang Xiaoxiao li Ge Li Song Lin Fang Fei process editor: U028