The weather with continuous spring rain is about to come immediately, what clever move does moistureproof have?Teach you 4 tricks easy to fix

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As the saying goes, after the Lantern Festival this year is finished.After the Lantern Festival, it is spring when all things come back to life.An ancient poem says: “Spring tide with rain late to urgent, feral crossing unmanned boat from the horizontal.”Spring tide season begins in most parts of China from March to April every year.Continuous spring rain, the humidity in the air also gradually increased, moisture upwelling, it is easy to lead to damp furniture, mildew, especially with the basement of the house, but also the breeding of bacteria, so how to moistureproof in spring, very important.1, when it rains, the outdoor air humidity will reach more than 90%, at this time open the window, open the door, humid air will pour in, causing indoor air humidity.Therefore, during spring rains, close Windows facing south and southeast. It is recommended to open Windows for ventilation for a short time in the morning and evening.2, dehumidification spring rain, air humidity, it is easy to cause the house air humidity, high state, especially the basement.Therefore, it is suggested that some lime, charcoal and desiccant can be placed in the corner to absorb moisture from the wall.In addition, open the dehumidification function of air conditioning, or use dehumidifier equipment, reduce air humidity, in order to keep the indoor environment dry, is also a good way.3, isolation method buy some plastic sealing bags and vacuum machines.Will be easy to damp moldy articles in the home, sealed with plastic bags, vacuum is also a good moisture-proof method.For example, the thick clothes of quilt, winter, cotton-padded shoes, the desiccant of sufficient quantity is placed in the cabinet for preservation.For foods that are susceptible to moisture, buy airtight cans to keep.4, basement moisture-proof, electricity penetration moisture-proof method for the house with the basement, the spring rain continues, if the basement waterproof and moisture-proof is not done, it is easy to breed mold, affect the health of the family.Below this popular science, waterproof and moistureproof are 2 industries.Waterproof is clear water, flowing water, such as toilet must do waterproof.Moisture keeps out invisible vapour, such as moisture in the soil.The basement wall in contact with the soil layer should also be moisture-proof.In our basement, we usually use wood for the audio-visual room, gym and other functional areas.In the spring tide season, it is easy to be damp and mildew.The traditional waterproof solution can not completely solve the problem of wet materials, suggestions: waterproof + moisture-proof, two-pronged.Waterproof proposal with formal methods such as reel, coating, moistureproof proposal to use electric penetration moistureproof scheme, now more popular in the world is Norwegian scientists, Karl Jeter invented Triton electric penetration moistureproof scheme.It uses the method of installing positive and negative poles to move the positive polar water molecules of the basement structure wall to the outdoor negative pole actively, so as to achieve the dry and comfortable effect of the basement.These are the spring moisture-proof 4 tips, for this, what do you have to add?Welcome to share ~~